How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

SUNY Buffalo Educators Conspire.

A collection of academic quacks and felons with a title who sponsor rape and murder of children, murder of innocent adults, arson of homes, violent hate crimes, production of child pornography, child sex trafficking, degree frauds, mayhem, and more, at K-12 public education, colleges and universities.

CEDAR Fox Thing T Thing Creepy Hand

I now learn after having an abusive spouse attempt to take my life June 06, 2003 that I am the victim of a hate crime in 1981, other atrocities including child rape and abuse and homicide, as well as degree and other frauds and felonies including homicide and medical efforts to euthanise me with State sponsored participants including New York State Police, Niagara County New York Sheriff, The State University Of New York At Buffalo, and others.

These are covert extra judicial (no due process) acts including efforts at euthanasia, mayhem, torture and psycho-sexual abuse, medical murder, murder via suicide and accidental death, and other means done to suppress my witness and to obstruct justice in relation to other atrocities, homicides, arsons, and hate crimes and murder I've witnessed as done by my parents and others including their friends in the law.

With that I also learn that my former spouse Heike Helga Jones FKA Heike Helga Berlind FKA Heike Helga (Nee) Guggenmos is in fact a State compelled femme fatale who was installed to enact what they hoped was their final effort to murder me covertly. The marriage and all other relations are in fact a fraud I now learn since I am Stateless and Immune from prosecution.

These participants, educators, and college administrators, along with US Postal Service, US Internal Revenue Service, and DOD to name a few, have acted towards those ends to take my life. They participated in degree and other frauds, and used employment frauds to install the bogus wife and to take my life as well as to cause harm including denial of service by State.

Here are photos of some of the collaborators:

Clarkson University Web Page Photo Clarkson Chemistry Professor Dr Egon Matijevic

From (as of 10/04/2016) -

In Memoriam: Egon Matijević

Victor K. LaMer Professor of Colloid & Surface Science

1922 – 2016

Clarkson University's oldest and longest serving active, full-time faculty member, Egon Matijevic, passed away June 20, 2016 at the age of 94. He had recently been named the Victor K. LaMer Professor Emeritus for his 59 years of exemplary service to the University.

With gratitude to Egon, the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science mourns his passing.


Dr. Egon Matijevic addressed me in our freshman year chemistry class lecture hall in front of hundreds of engineering students, circa 1980 at Clarkson College of Technology in Potsdam NY 13699.

Dr. Matijevic indicated to me that early morning winter day that I was leaving. He used to berate students in the 8:00am lecture for yawning despite them having to trundle over there for his abuse in the -20F winter cold. He'd bellow out "CLOSE YOUR MOUTH YOU LOOK LIKE A WHALE!"

I replied I was not aware I was leaving since I just got there? Almost immediately a male student about 1/2 way forward and to my left in the large hall stood up and announced "You can't do that, this would need to be done formally and this is not up to you..."

Dr. Matijevic argued with the student who is 100% correct, and this professor knew he was wrong.

Female students to my left in my row of seats agreed with me and the other student.

Following that we get into the beginning of the end for it all. As I wrote in other notes my USMC Rifle instructor, as well as another person in the gym and my outdoor survival trainer said I have to leave.

Following the 1981 vivisection attack and homicide as I went to matriculate at SUNY Buffalo, the admissions officers Mr. Bland and a female employee told me I can't be there. They did not want to admit me. This admits guilt and I said you took money... so QED.

Dr. Peter Scott had an electrical power engineering lecture in Knox lecture halls on the Amherst Campus at SUNY Buffalo. Same problem happened there. Dr. Scott announced that I am leaving and again students intervened to repeat the situation almost verbatim and identically.

Dr. Matijevic professed to be the inventor of Jello 1 2 3. Enjoy your egg whites....

As the students in each of those two lectures indicated, this screws them up as well as the other degrees conferred later that these Professors are no longer credentialled to teach....

Clarkson University
8 Clarkson Ave.
Potsdam, New York 13699

This ends up as this always has been, the Police in NY State and later others, attempting to market me on their innocence.

As in compel their anti-guilt.

It ended up always as them and others telling me I am leaving, built on the abuse model and including "The Police are involved" as opposed to "The Police are at fault".

Which they are since they are involved with my child raping pedophile, axe murdering father and mother.

This again was done informally and would need to be done formally, if I can't attend there then why take money from me and leave it up to me to leave?

In keeping with my father and his offer that I can toss out my new Social Security Card I received in 1976 or the Selective Service Card and number with me registering for the draft when I was 18, since I can not serve, his point was now I have them too... Dr. Argue claimed to have fixed that with him offering I was "4F" as a child with flat feet. Not sure this is sufficient.

You want me to validate your fraud and crimes.

While at Clarkson College of Technology which is NOW Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY I was approached by three of my instructors, two actually and one other man, who all said essentially the same thing. I attended there fall of 1979 to spring of 1981 and this was near the end of the spring term in 1981.

One instructor was John St Cyr who taught me outdoor sporting skills such as how to snowshoe, kayaking, canoeing, etc. St Cyr told me that I would need to leave there are problems for me here, and in general I can not be there anyway. This is like getting shot in a knife wound. His point is there are people here to make trouble for you and he has learned of it, this is about the past. The past precludes you from attending this college at all. Meaning I am Stateless. He wrote me a letter grade of A and said you are leaving this class as of now. You are done. We could lose our accreditation and this could affect him personally. He is right. It could anyway since it was done wrong but this is not his fault. He also pointed out this is not my fault either.

The other was my marksmanship instructor who was a US Marine, an African American male and ROTC instructor who also said that I am leaving. He said essentially the same thing that St Cyr said to me and iterated as St Cyr did that you could get killed here of course. What we are doing this moment is very dangerous and you are not the fool here. In other words I trust you and have proven that to me and now learn of other problems for you and us here.

The third and last was a person who showed up while I worked out at the gym on campus a slender white male with black hair in dress slacks who removed his dress shirt to lift with me some. He began to speak to me a little and all but said same thing, he was firm to the point of being just rude almost as though it was implied this was my fault but he said it was not. He said you are leaving and mentioned the problems about their accreditation and the fact something is wrong here for me and about the past and involve of the Police with my father. These three persons all said essentially same thing within that same semester.

So you are going to have a problem with George Mercer who later confessed about the summer 1981 attack, George Jowdy who helped to get me there to Clarkson, and John Blum who's father later shows up with Dr. Victor Demjanenko at SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR.

Again why take money for this?

Again your want to deny or to avoid justice is not contingent upon my behaviors.

The sudden stop at the bottom and the toe tag gets that for you.

Waiting for dead kids means you wait forever.

Certainly when you killed them.

Pass the buck meets murder.

SUNY Buffalo Electrical Engineering Professor Dr Walter J Sarjeant SUNY Buffalo Electrical Engineering Professor Dr Walter J Sarjeant SUNY Buffalo Electrical Engineering Professor Dr Wayne Anderson

UB Retaliated for the "accident" in 1981:

Walter J. Sarjeant, James Clerk Maxwell Chair Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Western Ontario
Phone: (716) 645-1040
FAX: (716) 645-3856
Research Interests: Aging in Complex Insulation Systems, Power Conditioning and Generation, High Power Electronics, Mobile and Mobility Power

Wayne A. Anderson, Professor Emeritus
Education: Ph.D., University at Buffalo
Office: 230C Davis Hall
Phone: (716) 645-1031
FAX: (716) 645-3656
Research Interests: Semiconductors, Photovoltaics, Thin films and thin film transistors, Defect specrtroscopy.

Anderson was dean of Engineering and I talked to him about the injuries I sustained in 1981 and how it effected me based on what I knew. He knew it was not an accident.

Sarjeant was one of the first to retaliate in 1981 by failing me on material I knew since High School. He ran a class on test and measurement and I had my own oscilloscopes and meters as a kid so this was easy for me. He made a comment about my attack that past summer and the fact that the Town Justice William Ganshaw was also our Nationwide Insurance Agent. Sarjeant said "You may think you are covered but you are not". I should not have been living with Doug either since he made that all happen.

The comment Sarjeant said about being covered was during the final exam and his way of saying I am going to fail you without even looking at the test I had written that fall of 1981.

It is likely that Dr. Sarjeant is German American and a Lutheran. And a hate monger.

My BSEE degree from there is a fraud.

These people profited from my wife's efforts to murder me by the sale of our home:

Dr. Dollinger, Dillinger is more like it, was my adviser and overloaded me on classes the first semester and had lots of bad advice as well. Students did not like him at all since he bragged how he is not teaching you but culling you. Said how many people he would fail, etc. I had a knife in my back and a useless arm and he sets me up with over 20 credit hours of impossible engineering classes.

The sale of my home at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 was compelled by the murder attempt and sold to another SUNY Buffalo employee William P Koehn:

SUNY Buffalo Computer Science Professor Dr Jonathan J Hull SUNY Buffalo Computer Science Professor Dr Jonathan J Hull

Heike set me up with Dr. Jon Hull my one supervisor, to be fired by indicating at home once, I should go talk to him. I assumed by that, he wanted to see me.

When I met with Jon he was acting very oddly and threatened me by saying "People like you usually disappear under unusual circumstances." and I took this as a credible threat. During that meeting Jon also asked a rather odd question of me and kept repeating it and gesturing with his hands; "Are your boxes on top of each other, or next to each other? On top of each other, or next to each other? On top of each other, or next to each other? On top of each other, or next to each other? On top of each other, or next to each other?" I finally just shut him down and asked if there was a point to this meeting? And he went on to make other odd comments referring to a text book on his shelf authored by Peter Hunt, and he made some other comments of the ilk I should be sweeping floors. Hull also said this is about insurance, referring to lynch mob Judge William Ganshaw in Wilson and Hull's associate at SUNY Buffalo Dr. Sarjeant who made a similar comment when failing me intentionally on a test I passed, You may think you are covered but you are not.

I thanked him for his time and got up and walked out and went back to my office to ponder why I had just been threatened?

The gist of all this was that they had hoped to fire me and that this meeting was going to be used as cause since I was supposed to be upset and do or say something rash. It did not work. And Heike was part of that plan. This was early on in my employ with CEDAR and before Heike and I married, so this meeting was sometime in 1994.

Jon was later asked to leave by the director of CEDAR, Dr. Srihari and I now learn this must have been why. Jon was technical lead at CEDAR so this had to be something drastic for Srihari to let Jon go like that. This was why.

Jon no doubt meant this:

"A "disappearance" occurs where someone who is believed to have been targeted for extrajudicial execution does not reappear alive. Their ultimate fate is thereafter unknown or never fully confirmed."

Heike knew about child abuse and molestation of me by the Church, State, and my parents. She cited this at the last minute after harming me fatally and wanted to invent being on my side to save herself.

Why build a shrine of hate for a victim of this kind of crime? Jon mocks me since I used to wear shirts like this all the time, must be he took offense to it for some reason and sees a need to play upon my vanity more after making threats to me as he did.

Comments about double barrel polynomials etc and the fact he and Rick Fenrich are riding shotgun together says they thought they are going to play CyberCop with Heike and get it done. Peter Hunt did not help either. So they acted as vigilantes and did this, Paul King defended his PhD thesis in the early 1980's when I worked for another SUNY Buffalo professor, Dr. Darrold Wobschall. I only met Paul King once but I later learned from another employee at Index Electronics, Bob Dash that King defended that day, thought he did badly on the defense, went off into the woods with a shotgun and took his own life by shooting himself in the head with it. It turns out he aced the defense and is now dead.

Dr. Jon Hull's partner in crime, Richard K Fenrich, or tricky Dick "Riding Shotgun"...

The comments made to me about harbingers of murder/suicide and extra judicial crimes including disappearances etc tell me all I need to know. I was going to be harmed. Seems I was right.

Hull's comment about the floor sweeper is in reference to a crack my father Thomas Jones made to his former employer/boss at Gooding Printing in Lockport NY. Where he indicated to Gooding he could take the broom and shove it up his ass and sweep the floor with it.

Johnny Paycheck, Take this job and shove it... I ain't working here no more.

My father knew the context of this meeting with Dr. Jon Hull and spoke to it directly later when this was falling apart. I never discussed any of it with anyone nor wrote it down and I have no idea how my father would be able to know this at all.

He knew it was about him and the way he quit Gooding's. I am not sure how Hull knew about it either but he did.

Dr. Jonathan Hull made some other comments to me earlier on with my initial employ at SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR with him and Dr. Srihari circa 1992. Jon indicated to me something of the ilk they are laying land mines for me here. I found it odd and threatening along with his later conversations with violent undertones.

Seems like a play on words related to property and who owns it as though he has anything to say about it all. Not that I'd owe Jon or SUNY or CEDAR or NY State one cent either.

In my mind a land mine is an anti personnel device used to murder people. Not too many other ways to see that.

Later Dr. Srihari after firing Hull made some comment to me circa 2001 while at 5500 Main Street at his CEDARTECH, Inc offices something about Princess Diana's charity work with land mine concerns around the globe. Srihari mentioned something about a reflecting pool and how this might be an opportunity for me. I failed to see how so and this seemed like an odd segue and looks like a guilt offering/or fishing experiment on his part.

This relates to Hull's threats earlier on.

Here is a copy of Jon "Einstein" Hull's "Resume":


Here are links to Jon Hull's web site, LinkedIn profile, a list of his efforts to patent monger, and his Google "Scholar" crap.

Jon Hull overall is incompetent and inept. He has no knowledge significant enough to make any of these offers related to low or high power RF work etc and it seems he does as Srihari et al did @ CEDAR. Just show up to take credit for work of others and have their names applied to the documents for no good reason.

It seems Jon Hull's efforts to fossilize and hide for 18+ years at Ricoh in Menlo Park, CA are over now.

Patent Mongering

For a time his website displayed pages from a "San Carlos California Airport Association" related to his being a private pilot. Jon Hull is color blind so I am not sure how that helps him fly an airplane.

SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Richard Fenrich

I don't see that Fenrich ever solved any problems other than making them all worse. And in that he conspired with others in the IRS, US Postal, and DOD as well as NY State's efforts to obstruct and commit; Homicide, torture, mayhem, rape and murder of children, and the list goes on.

Criminals don't enforce the law themselves this way, and they don't work for the law.

They had no right to harm me, and never will.

So we now see that Fenrich rears his ugly camera shy head, after hiding since the mid 1990's:

From -

Richard Fenrich | Chief Executive Officer

Identification International, Inc | United States

Richard Fenrich, Chief Executive Officer, Identification International, Inc


After receiving advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Richard Fenrich worked on solving difficult pattern recognition problems for the United States Postal Service. This role, a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Excellence in Document Analysis and Recognition [CEDAR], motivated Mr. Fenrich to launch a successful document management company to address postal and law enforcement imaging needs.

Consequently, Mr. Fenrich founded Identification International, Inc. in 2004 to bring new fingerprint technology to the law enforcement market. After 20+ technical papers, 15+ patents, and a few years, Mr. Fenrich and his team are introducing new 3D fingerprint technology to the market.


Day 2 @ 13:40

Roundtables - Day 2

What are the potential returns in using 3D fingerprints?

Richard Fenrich, Chief Executive Officer, Identification International, Inc

Day 2 @ 15:10

Panel Discussion - Biometrics at the Border: Advancing Mobility, Enhancing Security
Moderator: Jean Salomon, Chief Executive Officer, European Association for Biometrics
Kaija Kirch, Head Of Identity Management, Estonian Police & Border Guard Board
Richard Fenrich, Chief Executive Officer, Identification International, Inc
Richard Camman, Vice President Of Business Innovation, Vision-Box
Glen Wimbury, Technology and Innovations Lead, HMG Future Borders

last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

He is really marketing his innocence and vigilantism on top of this other crap he shucks on you all.

SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Sargur N Srihari SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Sargur N Srihari SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Sargur N Srihari SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Rohini K Srihari SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Rohini K Srihari

Our boss at CEDAR SUNY Buffalo, Srihari gets 2 checks from SUNY since he is a professor as well as director at CEDAR:

He also earns a paycheck from his "company" that sells the research from UB to private firms. You also pay for his trips back home to India by the way.

So Srihari (His wife also draws at least two paychecks from the State..) has two paid positions with SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR along with his other jobs at CEDARTECH etc.

Salary: $78,756
Position: Principal Investigator
Agency: SUNY Research Foundation

Salary: $234,019
Position: Disting Prof-10 Mo
Agency: SUNY

These are two UNIQUE positions, salaried and with benefits from NY State.

Govindaraju was also involved at CEDAR and part of this cabal

The founder and director of CEDAR (Circa 1981), Dr. Sargur N Srihari and his wife Dr. Rohini K Srihari are the leaders of this State sponsored lynch mob as it meets employ and higher education at SUNY Buffalo. My degree from there, a BSEE taking me 13 years to complete (a 4 year degree) with my injuries, is a fraud. They retaliated in it. I am also Stateless and they knew this. SUNY Buffalo thought they could counter for it and correct it and also remove my immunity. They are wrong.

Rohini and Sargur also formed their own private companies later, having offices at 5500 Main Street in Williamsville NY 14221, with Hari founding CEDARTECH, Inc and Rohini founding Cymfony. Hari is from Ohio and Rohini is from Waterloo Ontario Canada. Both are Hindu.

As Fenrich said, there are other agendas here and harming me certainly was a top priority for them. It comes back to the notion of are there any merit based decisions ongoing at CEDAR and it would seem no. The hiring of another Wilson NY resident Jill Rohring who's mother was part of those in the Lutheran Church who had harmed me, tells me just that. This is about me and done to harm me with that vanity.

Dr. Srihari's wife Rohini is also from Ontario Canada w/Sarjeant:

"Dr. Srihari received a B. Math. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo in 1992 for a dissertation on using collateral text in interpreting photographs. She is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)."

Information for Dr. Sargur N Srihari PhD's now defunct company CEDARTECH, Inc.

Formerly located at 5500 Main Street Williamsville NY 14221


Physical Address: 276 Meadowview Ln Williamsville, NY 14221
Phone Number: (716) 632-2518
Age Bracket: 45 to 54

Cedartech Inc. is a New York Domestic Business Corporation filed on July 2, 1996. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive - Dissolution By Proclamation / Annulmen and its File Number is 2044523.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Cedartech Inc. and is located at Po Box 2065, Williamsville, NY 14231. The company's principal address is 276 Meadowview Lane, Willimasville, NY 14221 and its mailing address is Po Box 2065, Williamsville, NY 14231.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Sargur N Srihari from Williamsville NY.

Company Name: CEDARTECH INC.
File Number: 2044523
Filing State: New York (NY)
Filing Status: Inactive - Dissolution By Proclamation / Annulmen
Filing Date: July 2, 1996
Company Age: 19 Years, 7 Months
Registered Agent: Cedartech Inc. Po Box 2065 Williamsville, NY 14231
Principal Address: 276 Meadowview Lane Willimasville, NY 14221
Mailing Address: Po Box 2065 Williamsville, NY 14231
SIC 2 Description: Home Furniture, Furnishings And Equipment Stores
SIC 4 Description: Computer And Software Stores

SARGUR N SRIHARI Chief Executive Officer Po Box 2065 Williamsville, NY 14231


The address of CEDARTECH Inc. at 276 Meadowview Lane Williamsville (Spelled wrong in their site for some instances), NY 14221 is the Srihari's home address in Amherst NY, a suburb of Buffalo NY.

His website:

SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Rohini K Srihari's Son Ashok SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Computer Science Professor Dr Rohini K Srihari's Son Dileep

Srihari's sons Ashok -

And Dileep -

SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Floor Plan Floor 1 SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Floor Plan Floor 2 SUNY Buffalo CEDAR IRS SCRIPS Manager Dr. Yong-Chul Shin

I was in room #40 with Larry Schnitzer and this is Dr. Yong-Chul Shin who was my supervisor later on after Hull and Fenrich left CEDAR. We later moved over to Srihari's personal company CEDARTECH, Inc @ 5500 Main St in Buffalo NY.

Yong-Chul is from South Korea and was friends with Min-Chul Jung and Zun-Sik Lim. Both are also from South Korea.

At one point after a spate of beyond abusive work hours at CEDAR, my work weeks went to seven days and above 100 hours per week, the UB Foundation became involved and they agreed to compensate overtime hours. Dr. Yong-Chul Shin began to realize this meant something else as I was now aware of their attempts to sabotage this IRS project and that this was being done intentionally to harm me. The dialog offered the notion that this is going to be punitive. Now I see that. The solution was UnOrthodox and meant something else.

Later on while working for Dr. Yong-Chul Shin at CEDARTECH, Inc with Sriharis, he made a statement to me "There's your tuition" that implied that something that went wrong in my life was deserved and beyond that he implied that the harms made to me including as I see now being degree frauds, murder, marital fraud, torture, and other abuse, are deserved etc.

This is not up to them.

The soon to be Dr. Catalin Tomai indicated to Shin that he is going to regret saying that to me. He is right.

Here is a copy of an online resource that details some of the IRS NABR/SCRIPS/SABR project. Notice how one of the most important developers, me, is missing from the photo.

SUNY Buffalo UB FNSM Faculty Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Logo SUNY Buffalo CEDAR IRS SCRIPS OCR Hardware Platform Developed By Terry Allen Jones


Pictured from left to right:Yong-Chul Shin, Ph.D., Sargur Srihari, Ph.D., Vemulapati Ramanaprasad, Dar-Shyang Lee, Ramesh Nagabushnam.

Volume 2 Fall 1994 Number 2


A new technology that can "read" the names and addresses on hand- and machine- printed tax forms, catch errors and make corrections -- all at the rate of about 8,500 forms per hour -- may be processing forms for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 1995. Now being tested by the IRS, the Name and Address Block Reader (NABR) system was developed by computer scientists at the University at Buffalo's Center for Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR). The internationally recognized center conducts research on one of the most difficult problems in artificial intelligence -- getting a computer to "read" handwriting and poor quality machine printing. Last year, after a round of competitive bidding among the UB group and major high-technology companies, the university center was selected by Grumman Corp. to develop NABR system. Grumman is the prime contractor on SCRIPS (Service Center Recognition Image Processing System), a comprehensive effort by the IRS to automate the processing of tax forms. "We found NABR to be the best solution," said William Kelly, SCRIPS program director at Grumman. "We liked its speed, its price and the group's ability to deliver the product on time." Four NABR systems are being tested at the IRS and one is being tested at Grumman. CEDAR, directed by Sargur Srihari, Ph.D., UB Professor of Computer Science, has devoted much of its research to developing technologies that recognize and read both printed and cursive handwriting for the US Postal Service, a principal source of the center's funding. NABR, which reads machine- and hand-printed characters, is based on technologies gained through the work CEDAR has done for the Postal Service over the past decade. For example, a key ingredient in the system is a postal service database that the UB researchers adapted for real-time application. With every post office box in the US, the database is the most comprehensive listing of residential addresses available. Kelly noted that by referring to the database in fractions of a second, the system can pick up and correct errors in addresses, such as misspelled state or city names and incorrect zip codes. Working under an accelerated schedule -- a system had to be ready in less than 12 months -- the scientist, under the direction of CEDAR project manager and senior research scientist Richard Fenrich, constructed NABR from existing computer boards used in a Sparc workstation. They then developed a new computer architecture by integrating six of the boards, a configuration that helps give the system its speed. The software to run NABR was also written by UB scientists. UB scientists and engineers at Grumman are now working on system improvements. "This system is at the limit of the technology," said Yong-Chul Shin, Ph.D., a research scientist at CEDAR and a member of the team that developed it. "But the entire architecture is scaleable, so we could add more processors for other, more demanding applications." Machine reading of other forms, such as those in banks and insurance companies, could also utilize such a system. The IRS expects to continue testing NABR for about another month. Plans are underway to begin using it to read names and addresses during the regular processing of tax forms starting next January.


That project (Along with a $30,000.00++ Dodge Grand Caravan) was destroyed for legal reasons along with ALL of CEDAR and CEDARTECH, Inc's software since they can't profit from their crimes or use my intellectual property.

There's your tuition....

Vocal Technologies And SUNY Buffalo CEDAR Electrical Engineering Professor Dr Victor Demjanenko

Watch out for these people, they went so far as to admit they were running a concentration camp in their educational institution. Also watch out for on the job abuse in the form of psychological harms, especially via use of computers. I can spend days discussing just how you can be harmed on the job with computers.

The facilities at 520 Lee Entrance, Suite 202, or the UB Commons look to have been designed with just this in mind. I'd say that those who harmed and tried to euthanize me, will attempt to use their technologies to harm other students and victims of the State's abuse.

Dr. Victor Demjanenko, his financier John Blume, and others have seemed to divest themselves of Srihari and his wife and Govindaraju but they in fact all still work together with Vocal taking over the suite of offices from CEDAR where I was being murdered on the job. I met the wife, Heike Helga Jones while working there, and she came over from Germany to harm me this way.

Places to avoid sending your kids to college, SUNY Buffalo for one:

I interviewed with John Blume and Victor 03/2003 while I was just realizing I'd have to leave Heike, and they acted as though they are not acting with Srihari et al and his cabal of quacks. It turns out this is a lie, John Blume actually swung his fist at me in desperation since he knew this was not going to go their way. See I was not supposed to leave Heike .... The plot was unraveling for them. Blume swung his fist at me while I sat across from him at the conference table and he hissed. In basically the same fashion my wife did to me at home, uttering I want you....

These people are violent hate mongers and Jon Hull and Srihari are of like mind with the former spouse and they all share information and act together.

Victor Demjanenko quipped a number of times to me while at CEDAR, things of the ilk That was not in the script when I solved a difficult problem, made some comment about tar and feather, a lynching reference, and asked me once if I made out my last will and testament.

Later Victor ascribes dysfunction to me being concerned about the violent harm and used that as an excuse not to hire me citing paranoid concerns.

I said why worry? I enjoy getting punched in the mouth while discussing my salary.

You don't want to be anywhere near these people or send your kids to college there or to work.

Face it, they sponsor child abuse, pedophilia, and harm of children and dissemination of child pornography since they obstruct justice for victims of all that AND violent hate crimes as they did to me. There is NO taboo for them.

Why build a shrine of hate for a victim of this kind of crime? Jon mocks me since I used to wear shirts like this all the time, must be he took offense to it for some reason and sees a need to play upon my vanity more after making threats to me as he did.

Comments about double barrel polynomials etc and the fact he and Rick Fenrich are riding shotgun together says they thought they are going to play CyberCop with Heike and get it done. So they acted as vigilantes and did this, Paul King defended his PhD thesis in the early 1980's when I worked for another SUNY Buffalo professor, Dr. Darrold Wobschall. I only met Paul King once but I later learned from another employee at Index Electronics, Bob Dash that King defended that day, thought he did badly on the defense, went off into the woods with a shotgun and took his own life by shooting himself in the head with it. It turns out he aced the defense and is now dead.

The comments made to me about harbingers of murder/suicide and extra judicial crimes including disappearances etc tell me all I need to know. I was going to be harmed.


Disbarred attorney gets prison time -- By Emily Lenihan, News 4 Digital Producer Published: November 25, 2014, 10:05 am

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A former Buffalo attorney was sentenced to prison time for two separate thefts. The disbarred attorney, David Widenor, is headed behind bars for two-and-one-third to seven years.

David Widenor pleaded guilty in August to second-degree grand larceny. The 45-year-old admitted that he stole $207,000 that was to be held in an escrow account pending the resolution of a civil matter and used the funds to take his family to Disney World and to pay off personal loans.

Widenor last appeared in court in April, when he pleaded guilty to third degree grand larceny. In that case, he admitted stealing $22,000 from an escrow account.

The funds were there pending a settlement, at which time he was supposed to send the money to his client. But the settlement was never signed and the funds were never sent to his client, meaning they still belonged to Vocal Technologies. Widenor used those funds for his own personal use, including paying for his children's education.


The problem for Victor Demjanenko PhD and Sargur Srihari PhD at SUNY Buffalo is that Victor essentially confessed apriori circa late 1991 or early 1992 when we used to have USPS meetings with Dr. Jon Hull in Bell Hall on the Amherst Campus at UB.

We would meet to discuss progress on Jon's RCR OCR project for the USPS in a first floor corner conference room in Bell Hall. Our offices were mostly located on floor 5 of Baldy Hall next door but later we moved over to the new UB Commons area near the bookstore once that was completed, being a new building.

We were waiting for the managers to arrive and Victor was one of them and I was sitting with others including Paul Palumbo and Larry Schnitzer who I shared an office with and Paul commented this is about you Terry.

I said I failed to see how and he replied you will.

So Victor was overheard speaking in the hallway to Srihari Hull and others to the effect Victor said I strongly advise you not to proceed with this, this is about him, and you are not dealing with a fool here. He went on to say this will affect you personally and of course professionally and this is not his fault, and we could lose our accreditation for this.

Problems are you being SUNY and Victor and Srihari and Hull and Fenrich et al conspire in child rapes and murder and arson and hate etc.

The point is you should lose your accreditation and credentials and be put to death.

This is murder.

Done to suppress witness and to obstruct and to conceal more murder.

Heike Helga Jones Was First Married To Roger Berlind The Berlin Ending Book

My former spouse ended up getting to the US how? Married a Jewish guy in Heidelberg Germany then came to the USA.

I spoke with Roger on the phone while I was in Brentwood CA in 2006 and he became very defensive and supported Heike and claimed she is worried about me and that this is all my fault since I needed to take some kind of medication. I said no, I have been harmed violently and that does not solve her problems. I fail to see how this is all my fault, that would only offer motive for the attacks.

I fail to see how Roger or Heike could know ANY of that or as my friend Mike Scheuneman implied and offered when I was left to die in Rochester NY where Mike said same thing, this is ALL YOUR FAULT! Nothing could be further from the truth. They lied to me about all this past violence etc....

This looks to be done to protect the former Jewish girlfriend I dated in the 1980's Eve Rothman. She told me later she was paid to harm me AND that they are going to hurt me badly. She is right.

Defence of audacity comes to mind as well.

Bernard Rothman's former website at

I liked Bernard a lot, he is a good guy. I cared about his daughter also, but there was something wrong with all of this I knew.

When I first dated Eve, I met her father Bernard for the first time since he wanted to meet me and he bought us lunch at the Marriott Hotel in Buffalo NY where he was staying. At the time, and he specifically granted me permission to date her and I talked to her about it and I said I'd honor his wishes and respect his choice in it since she told me how strict he was, etc. Bernard said he preferred Eve to date a Jewish man but this was ok. He went on to say that there is something wrong here and he is going to find out what it is. I believe he knew something about me and what was done but was not sure.

Your politics and faith are one thing, and this is simple in the USA really, just don't break the law and make hateful or violent speech. Or incite riots, that kind of thing.

You can wish for sacrifice of virgins and all of that even, just don't get caught doing it or do it at all. Simple again.

People say a lot of things to sell papers and make headlines. It is what people actually DO and DO NOT DO that gets them into trouble.

And laws need to be enforced to protect each person and not have the State engineer a complete sham for each one of you that says you deserved to be murdered as a child and here is how.

Again, it is the criminals. Why empower them? Arrest them.

And Religion will not be used as a cause for the criminal to legalize his evil deeds.

Jesuits do just that and the entire Christian faith is a perfect set of sophistry designed to blame the victim of crime who complains and then places God's mighty sword into the hand all who harm others as vigilantes.

See what the KKK are, a Christian terrorist group:

The USA requires separation of Church and State:

First Amendment does that:

Arizona wants to remove that:

I see it working backwards for them as does time and their lives, in reality all Christians seem really to be hate mongers and by that akin to the KKK.

And Adolf Hitler was a Christian.

Sabotage Poster World War Two SUNY Buffalo Freudian Slip

A good example of the frauds ongoing at SUNY Buffalo CEDAR under Dr. Srihari would be the time I resolved a booting problem with a vendor's singe board computer VME card. The product was a Themis 6U VME MicroSPARCII LXE Single Board Computer that we were using in the IRS's address block reading project.

I designed the multi-processor hardware architecture as well as the system software needed to parallelize the heavyweight OCR application across the pool of CPUs.

The board would fail to boot reliably on powering up and I had to do a number of firmware changes and EPROM pulls to find and correct the problem in the VxWorks BSP or board support package for that card. The boot code in ROM for some reason cleared the processor's instruction and data cache tag rams and that was not sufficient to get the CPU into a stable cached running state. You had to instead set the invalid bit in the cache's CSR for each entry. Clearing the RAM was not enough or really needed at all. This was their obligation to resolve and provide not mine.

VxWorks is an off the shelf RTOS (Real Time Operating System) provided by Wind River Systems to run on various CPU and board level computer products for embedded computing.

My understanding is that Themis and Wind River and CEDAR sabotaged their own project with the IRS and hoped that I'd not resolve it for them since they should have known better how to get their SPARC chip booted. It is looking like they wanted to blame me for this.

Once I solved the problem, which was not supposed to happen, I was supposed to fail, Dr. Victor Demjanenko came to me, he never bothered talking to me unless he thought he could do so and take credit for my work, and Victor flat out told me, that is not in the script. Meaning it was a set up and I was not supposed to solve it. Victor was dumbfounded and they did not know what to do now. Literally they had not planned for that outcome. Otherwise he'd not have said anything.

The facilities at 520 Lee Entrance, Suite 202, or the UB Commons look to have been designed with just this in mind. I'd say that those who harmed and tried to euthanize me, will attempt to use their technologies to harm other students and victims of the State's abuse.

Dr. Victor Demjanenko, his financier John Blume, and others have seemed to divest themselves of Srihari and his wife and Govindaraju but they in fact all still work together with Vocal taking over the suite of offices from CEDAR where I was being murdered on the job. I met the wife, Heike Helga Jones while working there, and she came over from Germany to harm me this way.

There are some large sets of large ethics problems here.

I worked for US IRS and an employee in Ogden Utah at an IRS processing center admitted circa 1994 that this is now their fault since they are aware of the crimes against me, I am not, and they remained silent and worked to obstruct and to deny me service.

I was threatened on the job and when I offered witness to others I have people supporting this with the statement:

"No taxpayer monies fund the US Postal Service. This revenue is all generated from the sales of postage."

Send a letter in USA ... support murdering a kid!

Problem is this is research monies and comes from various taxpayer donations also.

Not that this matters...

Did I miss the point of you missing the point.

Maybe you need a new postage stamp that depicts how you lynch your own kids in USA.

Be sure to include the tin foil hat.

Why pay people to steal your money and damage property and then otherwise sabotage their public works projects?

Sargur Srihari Being Important Sargur And Rohini Srihari Being Social Activists Sargur And Rohini Srihari Being Social Activists Sargur And Rohini Srihari Being On Death Row

More news about the Sriharis and their new found love being political dissidents and terrorists and hate mongers. Some newer photos.... I am sure this image is just rife, fraught, and packed full of innuendo. Don't fail to miss it.

Allegory... what a boy rape that is.

Here Dr. Sargur N Srihari and his wife Dr. Rohini K Srihari indicate they have become social activists.

More like these child raping Nazis expect to use this as some form of reputation management in the want to claim they are anti-guilty and are concerned for the rights of the people in the USA.

After participating in various atrocities, marital fraud, homicide, degree fraud, clergy and medical frauds and torture in NY State @ SUNY Buffalo etc. And that includes multiple murders done to myself and others, these people now want to rub that fact in and insult you in this way.

And in the want to protect those who harmed me and others in NY State including my parents, all of which rendered me Stateless, these people bilked the US Taxpayer of monies for likely over 20 years in order to conspire in these atrocities and that includes efforts of torture and murder using US Postal and US IRS funding to attempt violence on the job directed at me personally to obstruct and to suppress witness.

Now they feel that pissing off and pissing on the new POTUS as well as the bloody mess made of my life and that of others, they can do this.

These people belong in a federal death chamber and are nothing less than terrorists on your dime. At SUNY Buffalo CEDAR my femme fatale wife Heike Helga Jones had access to all salary, accounting, degree, employment, health, taxation, visa, and other benefit information for 100's of full and part time staff.

Srihari et all practiced all manner of immigration fraud running a visa and diploma mill from the offices of SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR in order to offer favors to their fellow countrymen and to enable this fraud moving forward.

Harming me was part of that agenda.

These people and Heike included, knew of the atrocities done to me and that I was Stateless and that I could not attend college there or work in USA.

This IS what this IS about....

Here Sriharis can practice spinning yarns while awaiting their executions in federal penitentiaries... I'd not count on the conjugal visits....

Diehl Germany Grenade

I was attacked while working here during the summer of 2005. This was also premeditated and ended up being a state sponsored effort to murder me. My attorney Jon Louis Wilson spoke of it directly in 2003 when I retained him and this was done to suppress my witness and as part of their plan of extortion to protect the Church, State, and my former spouse and friends in the law. Jon Wilson is a veteran of the Vietnam war and this would be done to protect my father and his other friends in Niagara County government.

Roger Goode my supervisor tripped me as I descended a staircase in front of him on July 25, 2005 and he and others at Raytheon in Tucson including Gary Affleck, David Koenig, Debbie Downs and others conspired to make this happen. References to child abuse of me and me falling down stairs were made along with images of children, Koenig offering me reading material "The Killing Floor" by Lee Childs, and the rest made this what it is.

Jon Wilson is here:

Hit a bullet with a bullet I was hired here in 04/2005:

Here is where Goode attacked me 07/25/2005:

Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co. KG, Überlingen
Alte Nußdorfer Straße 13
88662 Überlingen
Phone Number: +49 7551 89-01
Fax Number: +49 7551 89-2822

They spoke to this right when I was hired in April of 2005 with Allan who was the department head for the group I was in. He spoke of the cost of the missile project being $8,000.00 and this was too low a number. He was talking about the cost of the flight for me to Germany where I'd not be coming home.

For Raytheon and US DOD et al I see this as a problem yes. I had some "local expert" named Joe Valenzuela offer to me that he felt I was a scum, that he had some way he was better than me since he knew how to drive on dry pavement, I come from up north where it snows, and I'd be too stupid to drink water for some reason. A person I never met before coming there. Right on that. These people are assholes and felons and reprobates. Roger Goode looks to be still at large as of his donation for 2016 and overall was incompetent. So here we are 12 years out from their murder effort made 07/25/2005 and still nothing has been done. You can't allow this.

Roger and Linda Goode on page 18 for Arizona Wildcats Wildcat Club:

Here is a copy of their PDF brochure listing Linda and Roger Goode as making donations:


"Thank You for Investing in Arizona Student-Athletes!

Arizona Athletics would like to thank the individuals below for their support as Wildcat Club members during the 2015-16 fiscal year. By donating $100 or more annually, Wildcat Club members support Arizona student-athletes by providing aid for scholarships, equipment, travel and facilities."

Here is a newsletter that seems to indicate Roger Goode leaving his affiliation with Boston College sometime in 2003 or 2004:


More people living in two countries, ALieNation and IncrimiNation.

Rayhteon has their home office in Waltham Mass essentially Boston area and Jon Wilson made some odd predictive comments about "The eNEmy" and "NE Machine" so it seems this was a reference to this brochure and newsletter from Boston area AEENE being he was my attorney and former US Air Force to say this to me 2003 or 2004.

The behaviors were predictive and prejudicial. Prove premeditation with more ducks in a row.

They knew they would use Roger Goode and my father spoke to it calling him "Goody Two Shoes" and made other references to fact I'd be coming to Tucson AZ area.... Sweetwater etc etc....

Another piece of rotten fruit on US taxpayer's dime waiting to beat a Statute to get away with murder of a friend. Hiding in a cubicle for 12 years at Raytheon and US DOD. Perfect. Melody "Z-Brick" Zurbrick did travel for Roger Goode, Allan Carter, Bob Howard, Gary Affleck on their doomed flights to Southern Germany. Dr. Phillip Zurbrick is listed on the last page of the donation roster.

Sargur Srihari, CEDAR FOX, And FBI Document Scam -- More Public Monies Wasted To Support Murder And Pedophilia In USA

Sargur Srihari CEDAR FOX And FBI Document Scam More Public Monies Wasted To Support Murder And Pedophilia In USA

Now they know who to arrest:


October 2009 - Volume 11 - Number 4

Handwriting Examination: Meeting the Challenges of Science and the Law
Diana Harrison
Questioned Documents Unit
FBI Laboratory
Quantico, Virginia

Ted M. Burkes
Document Analyst/Forensic Examiner
Questioned Documents Unit
FBI Laboratory
Quantico, Virginia

Danielle P. Seiger
Supervisory Document Analyst/Forensic Examiner
Questioned Documents Unit
FBI Laboratory
Quantico, Virginia

"In 2002, Dr. Sargur Srihari and colleagues conducted a study to test the principle of individuality. A sample of 1500 individuals from the general U.S. population was collected and entered into a database. The sample population comprised men and women of different ages and ethnicities. Each individual provided three handwritten samples that captured the various attributes of the written English language such as document structure (e.g., word and line spacing, line skew, margins); positional variations of the letters (i.e., each letter in the initial, middle, and terminal positions of a word); and letter and number combinations (e.g., ff, tt, oo, 00). A computer software program (CEDAR-FOX) was developed to extract macro-features (slant; word proportion; and measures of pen pressure, writing movement, and stroke formation) from the entire document, from a paragraph in the document, and from a word in the document. It was also used to extract micro-features (gradient, structural, and concavity features) at the character level of the document. Based on only a few macro- and micro-features, Srihari et al. established that the writer of a particular sample can be identified with 98 percent confidence. Inferring these statistics over the entire U.S. population, writer identification can be established with 96 percent confidence. Srihari suggested that “by considering finer features, we should be able to make this conclusion with a near 100 percent confidence [that the writer can be identified]” (2002). "

Srihari's study and findings are in fact a fraud. This is around the time I resigned from CEDARTECH for that reason and others based on the violence and threats in the past.

I did much of the work to port CEDAR_FOX and integrate it as a Windows application. Reading the science they presented to me, said the logic and analysis proved to be a fraud.

Again more sabotage and they were hoping to trap me there with Heike and then blame me for this failure akin to the IRS sabotage fiasco.

They beyond the junk science worked to tamper with my coding efforts and did other vanity drama which proved to me they are also doing more than fraud on the science.

Srihari is largely incompetent overall, lies about most things he can't find facts logic or truth for and then relies on others to look good being they do the real work.

Kind of hard to take the word of educators like Srihari and SUNY who support the rape torture and murder of their children.

FBI might want not to do biz here.... killing victims is not law enforcement.

FBI can not associate with these felons.

For Srihari, FBI et al this is about murder and pedophilia.

The other problems are that Srihari and others did forms of gaslighting on this with data sets with images of various things, mail pieces etc.

Part of the murder the victim plan.

And NY State can't be used for any forensic data ever. Now neither can FBI.

There's your tuition.

I see that the Wilson NY School District has advertised to fill their Superintendent position for 2017 with this glossy PDF brochure made up in order to attract another sucker to support and market this slime pit. Keep in mind that teachers and other educators in Niagara County NY and Wilson NY as well as officers of the law and WCS schools have directly and materially participated in: Rape of their own children, production of child pornography via those sex crimes done to their children, torture and mayhem of their own children, murder of their own children that at times culminates with burial of their corpses in the corn field across the street from Thomas Marks Elementary school.

I personally have had countless felonies, including acts to murder me, done to me well before I was 18 years old, and to date, not one comment was made to me about it, nor was any offer made by law enforcement or other officers to resolve and fix it. That is nothing less than incredible. And as far as victims go for this place, I am NOT alone. I find it both laughable and deplorable that WCS and NY State and Niagara County would make no effort other than to partake in the atrocity, and to insult and blame the child victims then and later, and hope now to have you and yours participate in this "Community" of scum. You are going to pay for this? How so?

Here is a photo of the new boss Tim Carter and a copy of the brochure WCS offered to snag him into this lovely $170,000.00/year waste of time they call a job. More kids to fuck, best to bring the AK-47.


A link to the WCS site where Tim shucks this crap on you all:

Please note that if your are outside the USA, WCS's paranoid worries will block your access, best to use a proxy then.

Timothy Carter 2017 Superintendent of Wilson Central Schools Wilson NY 14172 USA

Here is a copy of Tim Carter's welcome letter offered to WCS on his new employ there. Nice they all have skills to author these web pages for you all, not that any of it makes any sense to anyone. Hopefully your kids are not murdered before they finish reading it.


Superintendent's Message


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Tim Carter and I feel tremendously blessed to be the Superintendent of Wilson Central School District. I am really looking forward to this year and developing relationships with students, parents, staff and community members of Wilson Central Schools.

As I begin my first year as the Superintendent of Wilson, I start my 28th year in education. Previously, for four years, I was a pre-school and Kindergarten teacher with a private agency in the Town of Tonawanda. Then, for 12 years, I taught 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 6th Grade at School #81 in the city of Buffalo. For one year I was the Assistant Principal of Buffalo Public School 28 (Triangle Academy) Grades 5-8. I was a coordinator of staff development at Erie I BOCES. Then, in the Niagara Wheatfield School District, I was an assistant principal for two years at West Street and I was the Principal at Colonial Village for five years. I have been the Principal of Niagara Wheatfield High School for the last five years. Throughout my career, I have experience in elementary school, middle school and high school with time spent in urban, suburban and rural settings. I look forward to bringing my wealth of experiences to Wilson Central Schools in an effort to support students and teachers in creating a true community atmosphere.

As the Superintendent of Wilson Central School District, I believe in educating the whole student. What I mean by this is my commitment to nurturing each individual student’s talents along with focusing on what I call the “4 Pillars” of becoming a successful and productive student. The 4 Pillars are:

1. Academic Success – All students doing their best at school.
2. Respect – Showing regard for yourself, peers, adults and your country.
3. Responsibility – Knowing what is expected of you and then doing it.
4. Empathy – the ability to understand one another’s feelings and beliefs.

Communication is the key to a successful school year. Feel free to stop by my office or pick up the phone (716)751-9341, Extension 120, at any time to talk about anything I can help you with.

I am very excited about being a part of the Wilson School community and am focused on helping all of our students succeed and meet high academic standards in the classroom.


Tim Carter

Wilson Central Schools
P.O. Box 648
374 Lake Street
Wilson, NY 14172


My response to Tim's 4 point plan are as follows:

1. Academic Success – The fruits of your child's labor will be well known, look for their growth in their respective (corn) fields.

2. Respect – Showing regard for yourself, peers, adults and your country. None of the others respect you or the laws of the land.

3. Responsibility – Knowing what is expected of you is never possible. You can't respect those who are not respectable.

4. Empathy – Complete disdain for the law and human condition. Worship of the worst forms of evil, perversion, hate, and violence.

None of his pollyanna is going to happen for Tim and your kids, and for the problems involved, the history is totally and forever, in front of you. There is no statute of limitations on murder. You are too quick to move forward. Now I am in the way......

Thomas Marks Elementary Google 2011 Goode Wood Sign Wilson NY 14172 USA Thomas Marks Elementary Google 2011 Goode Wood Sign Wilson NY 14172 USA

Here is a pair of Google maps street view images from June 2011 showing the front of our Elementary School in Wilson NY 14172 USA. I helped to plant the farther of the three trees, circa 1967, that you see next to the sidewalk leading to the school. I was enlisted to provide a dead fish wrapped in news print, a shovel or garden spade, and an edging shovel to make the hole and to cut the sod to plant the new sapling. We had a little ceremony on Arbor Day as we did this and once I made the hole and had removed the sod carpet, teacher announced I should toss in the fish. I did so and she proclaims, you are the fish.... related to one of many homicides already done to me by this early date.

Next to the school is a person named Goode, related to Roger Goode at Raytheon? Who knows, you tell me, you are the rocket scientists here. GRD (GED No A No E?) 5 Ceremony is an odd and telling reminder. This is when the teacher announced she is going to deny us service and she refused to teach us that year. We read from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit all year.

Links to the Google maps street views are below:

Nothing Goode going on here.... Break out the Vaseline and make a fist. Class is dismissed, you've been had.

Velvet Jones School of Technology