How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Bad Luck For Sale - How You Declared War On Yourselves And Lost.

Kenneth Morris Banks III Cleveland Ohio USA

Bad Luck For Sale:

I had to point out a few conclusions I've summarized related to my life and work for and in and with the United States of America.

To that end I can understand that this is not a collection of bad luck, and dissociated events, but a longer and larger pattern of planned behaviours, that include murder(s).

The motive(s) are/is murder(s) and the want to suppress witness.

For one these people had knowledge.

And of things such as me being tortured, and murdered as a child.

My parents are involved in that also of course.

There is no defense to support the nature of the crimes done to me by what I now learn to include the State of NY as well as others, and the US Federal Government and any other persons who did the violence etc to me.

Offers that this would be punitive are specious at best and would be a confession in fact.

I have rights to due process, there is nothing there to support anything close to murder or felony theft, and much of this was done and by that over before I was 12 years old.

A marital and degree frauds don't help at all.

I worked for NY State, SUNY Buffalo, US Postal Service, US Internal Revenue Service, and US DOD and Raytheon.

I was proud to work for NY, The USA, the Nation State of Germany, and others.

Circa 2002 while coming home from a US IRS facility in Covington Kentucky, US IRS as proven by admissions and statements made by staff there prior to me driving home, an attempt to murder me was made via a deer/car hit involving a semi truck on I-90 in Angola NY USA.

Soon after that my wife acted to kill me using poison June 06, 2003.

I had medical intervention on that homicide that involved a helicopter, as well as medical expertise to save my life that likely cost over $500,000.00 USD.

I returned to NY only to have my wife return June 28, 2003 and a group of people representing Niagara County NY indicated to me that I needed to have my wife drive me to Buffalo General Hospital, that if I did not comply, they would call the Police, and in effect I was forced into a hospital setting against my will via the people who had just attempted murder.

Buffalo General Hospital and their group of quacks attempted to treat this as a mental health episode, again, which it was not, and then looked to attempt murder again by prescribing me as many as a dozen pills to take at once. No mention or effort was made to indicate to me what she had done, etc.

This is murder again on top of the intervention that was done less than 3 weeks prior.

Lunacy !

After having my health and other aspects of my life destroyed for no good reason I went to Tucson Arizona to work for Raytheon and the US DOD.

At the time I had lost what must have been over 125lbs, being 280lbs in 2003, and after Heike's efforts I was down to less than 155lbs in 2005.

I was pleased to work for Raytheon and to travel to Germany to work with them as well, and as was alluded to and predicted by others, my supervisor Roger Goode attempted to murder me July 25, 2005 by tripping me down the stairs as we went to lunch that Monday.

He failed.

This leaves me with these final thoughts and proves that you can not help, work for, or live in, the USA, and doing that would not only be undesirable, but impossible and tantamount to suicide.

You can't help such people or join their suicide cabals. It is also not legally possible.

Another last example that I have recently worked out, is another item related to the use of US Military persons, and that again involves one of the shills/friends who interloped. Kenneth Morris Banks III who served in the US Navy early on after meeting and living with Doug Golde, Tom Palisano, and I in Buffalo NY USA, was discharged from the USN early, on what looks to be an OTH or Other Than Honorable Discharge.

He never would talk about it much other than to say there were problems and it was something he did not want to discuss. He relented when we met again later after Heike acted and failed in 2003, since it started to seem like he wanted to tell me something and his problem with the Navy related to me. It did as he confided in me, he told me later on that he was asked to harm me by some agents of The US Navy during the course of him being enlisted there.

I said that is not good and I needed to know that. He agreed.

This has an obvious conclusion. Guilty.

And that provides motive for US Navy, Raytheon, and Diehl later in 07/25/2005.

If Your Religion Is Worth Killing For Please Start With Yourself

Flash N The Pan - Hey St. Peter

Hey, St. Peter Flash and the Pan
Album Flash and the Pan

The morning was cold and lonely
City lights old and gray
The sun arose, and, trying to smile
Gave it all away
The honky-tonk called a stranger
The stranger couldn't pay the bill
Made a stand, raised his hand
Sang a song, no time to kill

I said, hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
I've got a tale to tell
I've just been down in New York town
It really feels like hell
It really feels like hell

Billy was out of fashion
Manhattan was years ago
Yesterday he wasted time
Money was kind of slow
Billy had friends of glory
Billy was a friend of fame
Took a chance and raised his hand
Sang a song, now he's back in the game

I said, hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
I've got a tale to tell
I've just been down in New York town
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like hell)

I said, hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like hell

Hey, St. Peter
Before you ring your bell
Just been down in New York town
Done my time in hell
Done my time in hell

I said, hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like

Have A Goode Trip: From "American Soldier Ballads" by Frank Bernard Camp

With all these things to get our goats, we all are here to tell,
When the order comes to cross the pond we'll give the Germans

When the final taps is sounded and we lay aside life's cares,
And we do the last and gloried parade, on Heaven's shining

And the angels bid us welcome and the harps begin to play
We can draw a million canteen checks and spend them in a day,

It is then we'll hear St. Peter tell us loudly with a yell,
"Take a front seat you soldier men, you've done your hitch
in Hell."

Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event

Facebook Conspires With New Efforts To Obstruct Related To Shills On Murder Etc:



used in the names of hotels, newspapers, and other products to indicate superior quality.

"they stayed at the Excelsior"


softwood shavings used for packing fragile goods or stuffing furniture.]

KMB3 "Tough enough to overstuff"

I find it odd that a shill such as Ken Banks III would live now in West Cleveland Ohio, being Lakewood, and then in the course of celebrating Memorial Day, he would fly the New York State Flag known as "Excelsior" in May of 2020.

Facebook and now this "Redemption" company are now complicit in the crimes that KMB3 has participated in being homicide, torture, child rape, child porn, vehicular homicide, and the other events that involved him since circa January 1983 at 254 Minnesota Avenue (Upper Flat) Buffalo NY 14215 USA.

This is part of a drinking and driving slur or ad hominem in defense of the 1981 homicide as done to me in Wilson NY 14172 USA by Doug Golde, Thomas Gabriel Palisano Jr, and others that summer.

The problem is that USA and NYS interloped using those as KMB3 and Doug, Tom, and my parents et al, and then planned all of these events as blame the victim "Fixes" which of course won't work. Then they and others and NY were planning to "Blame The Victim Play The Victim" on it all.

They were rightly done well before 1977, and the time that Joe Steblein Jr was murdered, after we moved into the new home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Now via Facebook, Facebook, this Bourbon company, these "Friends", and others now become involved in this pattern of obstruction, witness suppression and intimidation, making them accessories after the fact to the patterns of homicide and the murders in fact and in kind.

This is a form of cyber stalking of me personally, I have NO Facebook account as of now, and they have no information about me and none of these parties can legally know anything about me at all as of now.

The timing is wrong as is the ongoing patterns of vanity akin to gaslighting etc, and none of these persons should be remaining at large, nor should they be doing such things as related to the crimes done to me.

KMB3 continues to offer that he owns some company, is/was the director of another one, etc none of which is accurate.

I don't like the vanity at Redemption either, you have too much German on this problem, NOT Dutch, too much Connecticut on it all, a "Family Problem", and now it seems you have two photos of Tom Palisano tending bar in effigy overall.

These people know too much about me personally as of today, they are going to need to leave.

Photos from Ken's Facebook pages as of today May 27, 2020 proving their problems anew:

Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event

KMBIII makes a more recent visual delusion on Facebook with his Arizona Ice Tea in:

[Offered up by the loony neighbor, a "lighter" approach to caffeine infusion]

Speaking of lunatic. As with hypocrite.

American Pie by Don McLean
Released October 24, 1971

So bye-bye, Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
And them good old boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye
Singing, "This’ll be the day that I die
"This’ll be the day that I die."

Don Mc Lean American Pie Kenneth Morris Banks III Lakewood Ohio USA May 2020 Facebook Cyber Stalking Event Supreme Being Uniform

For KMB3, being like Heike my former "Spouse", these folks invented themselves as they are some supreme being and authority figures as if they are Mrs. New York State etc. This allowed them to continue to support NY's Rape Murder Torture The Child Fund and then enact the Blame The Child Blame The Victim Then Be The Victim Task Force.

These people are criminals, vigilantes, with offers of motive for their crimes as excuses, in order to support them as being reprisal etc. Accept that along with their confessions, and enabling, as proven by their admissions, that this was up to them to do this, and to do so in this way. It was not.

For Heike at one point beyond destroying objects of value that were mine, she began going into my wallet to remove/steal/destroy identity documents notably my SUNY Buffalo Alumni cards.

[Verse 1]
Buddy, you're a boy, make a big noise
Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday
You got mud on your face, you big disgrace
Kicking your can all over the place, singing

We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you

[Verse 2]
Buddy, you're a young man, hard man
Shouting in the street, gonna take on the world someday
You got blood on your face, you big disgrace
Waving your banner all over the place

We will, we will rock you (Sing it out)
We will, we will rock you

[Verse 3]
Buddy, you're an old man, poor man
Pleading with your eyes, gonna make you some peace someday
You got mud on your face, you big disgrace
Somebody better put you back into your place

We will, we will rock you, sing it
We will, we will rock you, everybody
We will, we will rock you, hmm
We will, we will rock you, alright

[Guitar Solo]

National Lampoon September 1973 Joke Is On You

The odd problem for the attack by Roger Goode July 25, 2005 at Raytheon Tucson/Diehl Ueberlingen, is the fact that one of the managers at Raytheon Tucson made a predictive dialog botch with me as I first hired on to work there in early 2005.

Our group worked on a Phalanx adjunct where Diehl provided a Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) and Al Carter indicated the cost of each of these was on the order of $8,000.00 which seemed low to me. Diehl via Reiner Bederke, later confirmed the costs of the seeker head to be over $40,000.00 as I watched Roger Goode and Gary Affleck destroy one not knowing what they were doing as we sat in the lab in Ueberlingen Germany.

Al Carter went on to say that I would be paying for it, meaning they planned to harm me somehow and this would be done to punish me, etc. I said I'd not be paying for such a thing and this later seemed to be about the price of each of our business class airfares from Tucson AZ to Germany.

He persisted with the notion that he is some kind of "Supervisor" etc and I said that does not matter and that I'd be calling him on that.

It comes back down to the notion of a "Flight" as Roger Goode tripped me to fall down a staircase that Monday as we went to have lunch in Ueberlingen.

Later as I visited Tucson AZ again in the following years, Al Carter appeared at a hotel in Tucson I stayed at, and attempted to force his way into my room. It seems he was made to leave Raytheon and now managed this hotel, being a national chain, and for some reason felt a need to come into my room.

He said he needed to see something on the inside of my door which is false, and then he said he needed to talk to me, and I said that is making less and less sense since now you have some other "Need" to be in the room. He was forcing his way in, putting his hand inside the door frame attempting to defeat the security hasp, etc. Lunacy.

Later in time circa 2017 I was at the same location, Al Carter no longer worked there, I was on the 3rd floor waiting outside my room to receive an order. I saw a single engine light plane was flying at a low altitude coming just over the top of the buildings as it approached me and my open door. I thought this is odd, we are too close to Davis Monthan AFB and this is controlled airspace AND he is way too low. He should not be there in other words.

It seemed as this person was going to attempt to hit me with this plane and crash it into the hotel walkway as I stood there waiting for my order. He must have changed his mind and the pilot dove the plane straight down into the parking lot and roadway behind the building in front of the hotel.

Murder turned into Suicide.

The delivery person arrived a few minutes later and we discussed it and he confirmed it as I told him I watched the pilot do this. He had knowledge to the fact people he talked to before getting to my room said this was about me.

This is too much and needed an orderly method to restrain and prosecute these people for their crimes. Carter, Goode, Koenig, Affleck, and Raytheon are guilty. KMB3 is also and he is part of this problem. This looks to be USA's, Arizona's and Raytheon/Diehl's effort to protect Heike, and to punish me for crimes that Doug Golde and SUNY Buffalo did back in the 1980's following the 1981 vivisection homicide done to me. This is not up to them and I've done nothing wrong, those people did.

From --

July 18, 2011

Dear Lark, Alex, and Dani, I'm very shocked and sad to hear of Mark's passing. Although I hadn't crossed Mark's path in several years I have fond memories of those fun horse shoe tournaments you folks put on. Mark was such a kind soul, and my prayers go out to you.

Roger Goode

From --

CURLEY, Thomas J. age 69, of Tucson, AZ passed away August 16, 2017. He is survived by his four sons, Patrick, Michael, Brian and Sean and his eight grandchildren. Tom was a Vietnam Veteran, and had a successful career in broadcasting and engineering. He enjoyed sports, the outdoors and spending time with his grandkids. He will be missed. Graveside Services will be held at Saratoga Springs National Cemetery, NY on Monday, September 4, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. Arrangements entrusted to DESERT SUNSET FUNERAL HOME (297-9007).

My sincere condolences to Tom's family for your loss. I worked with Tom since the 80s at Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon. He adopted UA as a sports team so I saw him often.

He will be missed. May God bless him and those that loved him.

Roger Goode -- September 01, 2017 | AZ


Seems kind of comical overall. Did Roger Goode murder this person on the job also while working for Raytheon in Tucson Arizona?

And overall why is this Roger Scott Goode person still working for US DOD in a trusted position let alone not in some prison in the USA being guilty of murder and treason?

When does this end for you?

Roger Scott Goode
6455 E Calle De Mirar, Tucson, AZ, 85750-1269
+1 (520) 299-4450

Summary: Roger Goode is 64 years old today because Roger's birthday is on 05/26/1956. Roger's current home is located at Tucson, AZ. In the past, Roger has also been known as Roger S Goode. Background details that you might want to know about Roger include: ethnicity is Caucasian, whose political affiliation is currently a registered Republican; and religious views are listed as Christian. We know that Roger is married at this point. Roger's personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include Linda Goode, Raymond Goode, Gordon Starr, Charles Henry and Marsha Bolton. Roger's net worth hovers over Greater than $499,999 with a yearly income that's about $250K+.

More info about the Roger Dodger Duct Tape Dodgers @ Raytheon.

Thanks to the man with the pumpkin tie:


n. A clumsy social error; a faux pas: "The excursion had in his eyes been a monstrous gaffe, a breach of sensibility and good taste" ( Mary McCarthy).

n. A blatant mistake or misjudgment.

[Architecting-the-Enterprise register 90 as TOGAF 8 Certified

26 September 2008

We are very pleased to announce that
has registered the following as TOGAF 8 Certified:

Izio Ajdelsztajn - BNDES - the Development Bank of Brasil
Francisco Ary Martins - Petróleo Brasileiro SA - Petrobras
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Lucio Lanzarini De Carvalho - Petróleo Brasileiro SA - Petrobras
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Peter Collier - East Sussex County Council
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Tom Bergman - Raytheon
William Blind - Raytheon
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Roger Goode - Raytheon - Missile Systems
Dennis D Hansen - Raytheon - Integrated Defense Systems
Dennis Hart - Raytheon
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Nick Mundi - Independent
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Harish Parmar - Business Services on Demand
Dale Percival - Geoscience Australia
Mohamed Rizan Rizvi - Independent
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Tony Vodanovich - Gen-i]

Another meeting of the mindless.....

Roger is affiliated with this Lutheran Church in Tucson AZ:

Desert Hope Mission Center
7474 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710 | (520) 722-9134

[Building Development Team

This team leads the planning and development of our Mission Center facility. They work with the Leadership Council to determine the development priorities for the multi-year improvement of our Mission Center property. Team meetings are held as needed. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact the Council President.

Contact: Roger Goode]

At one point past mid August of 2005 after Roger Goode attacked me in Germany, I caught him driving his dark blue Chrysler Pacifica into the apartment complex lots that I lived in. He was acting weird and guilty and did not belong there.

He was too worring what I was doing and really has no need or right to know where I live etc.

This is more than a privacy problem for us.

There's your tuition.

Velvet Jones School of Technology

The Case of the Impetuous Imp Perry Mason Aired October 10, 1965

The Case of the Impetuous Imp -- Perry Mason (1957–1966)
TV-PG | 1h | Crime, Drama, Mystery | Episode Aired 10 October 1965

"Diana Carter is assisted from the water after stealing a message in a bottle from her dead aunt's home. She believes the man her aunt married murdered her. Perry must first defend her for theft but when the man is killed, she is charged."

This is about the homicide done to me as a child in Lake Ontario in Canada and Wilson NY USA.

It is about apparent death.

It is about murder and being revived from same.

It is about my aunt and uncle who have same father as my mother but a differing mother than my mother.

It is too specific and the vanity of the plot(s) were used/integrated into future crimes and harms done to me as a child and adult.

Bonnie Jones is more games on the name games problems.

drake1 /drāk/

noun -- a male duck.

"a drake mallard"

imp /imp/

noun -- a small, mischievous devil or sprite.

verb -- repair a damaged feather in (the wing or tail of a trained hawk) by attaching part of a new feather.

In Bridge:

International Match Point.


"My Bonnie lies over the ocean" is a traditional Scottish folk song that remains popular in Western culture

[My Bonnie lies over the ocean
My Bonnie lies over the sea
My Bonnie lies over the ocean
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me...

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me

O blow ye winds over the ocean
o blow ye winds over the sea
O blow ye winds over the ocean
and bring back my Bonnie to me

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me

Last night as I lay on my pillow
Last night as I lay on my bed
Last night as I lay on my pillow
I dreamt that my Bonnie was dead

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me

The winds have blown over the ocean
The winds have blown over the sea
The winds have blown over the ocean
And brought back my Bonnie to me

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me]

"Spyglass `Entertainment`" :

Spyglass Entertainment

There's more mud in your eye(s) ......

No Sale Cash Register Animated Rope Noose