How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Motorcycles I no longer own.

Motorcycles I no longer own. A few bikes that were used by friends and local bike dealers and Police, including Imperial Cycle on Broadway in Cheektowaga NY USA, in their hopes to murder me on the road.

Suzuki 2 Stroke Triple

Suzuki 2-stroke 500cc triple.

Honda 750K

Honda 750cc air cooled inline 4.

Doug Golde purchased this bike from me after I purchased it from Mike Scheuneman's friend at Linde/PraxAir Max Walker. I had to redo his bad install of a new clutch. Doug test rode it while they lived at 810 Amherst St in Buffalo NY. He ran the red light at Amherst and Delaware Avenue, crashed the bike laying it down in the street, held a death grip on the throttle and it dragged him into the corner gas station.

He later was riding with the owner of Ed's Wash World and got a saddle bag with sneakers wedged in the back wheel locking the wheel as he rode on the interstate.

Seems a repeat of vanity with my father sabotaging the rear differential of my V65 Sabre and the Cheektowaga cop's effort to dump me in the rain at Union Rd and Walden Avenue. Done intentionally.

Honda VF1100S

1985 Honda V65 Sabre/VF1100S. Liquid cooled shaft drive V4, 1100cc.

My father sabotaged the rear differential by adding some kind of industrial abrasive to it while it was stored at his home for the winter. Ed Remus at Imperial Cycle on Broadway in Cheektowaga determined that.

This person Gregory Richard Klaes Age: 50-54 (As of 10/2015) conspired with my father in efforts to murder me and sabotage this motorcycle, a Honda V65 Sabre/VF1100S.

I later learned that my father had tampered with the rear differential on the bike adding some kind of abrasive to the oil in order to compel it to fail catastrophically while I was riding it. Since I stored the bikes at his home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA for the winter he had plenty of time to add the abrasive to the drive unit.

My parents heat that home using fuel oil and one day the delivery person from Thiele Fuels who has to back his fuel oil truck down their 400 foot driveway commented on this. Asking me about my father, having me help him deliver oil that winter day, and he said something could be put down the oil fill pipe and he could be blamed for it. He then asked me if my father owned guns and if I rode bikes and if I stored them here. To that I said yes and he said ok, you might have a problem here and he is right.

After this was done, Greg Klaes who I also met at SUNY Buffalo as I did Thorne Kontos, asked me one day to come out and spend the weekend at their home in Mayville on Lake Chautauqua and we could do some dive bars in the area. I said sure and left work early one Friday to ride down there on the V65. Once there we were only there for a few minutes and he changed his mind saying he had to return to Buffalo. I said oh, ok and we left together to return to Buffalo. This is 72 miles one way south of my Apartment in Depew NY. On the way back it began to rain and I told Greg who was following me in his blue 1985 Buick Regal, that I'd be taking off to which he said what do you mean? I said I am going to ride faster to get ahead of this rain and be done with it and he'd not be able to keep up with me and I'd talk to him later. So I took off and got ahead of him and the rain and likely was about 30 minutes ahead of him before I stopped to dry off and have a smoke. I noticed the rear differential of the bike was steaming off the water and felt it and it was too hot. Soon after this it began to develop too much lash.

I checked to make sure it was not something else and isolated the problem as being in the differential and called Ed Remus at Imperial Cycle on Broadway in Cheektowaga NY and he said not to ride it and bring it in with the oil in it. He later called to say he sent the oil out and had it checked and that someone had added something to it to do this and asked me where I stored the bike. My father did this and bragged about it later and so did Greg making some comment about a lower drive unit. They acted together on this.

Later on when Heike and I sold our pool, above ground, to someone named Klaers, with an "R", they came over when we were not home despite what I told them, that being let me know and I can make the pool ready, instead they pierced the liner and dumped the water all over our neighbor's yard. This looks to be a dodge or some kind of red herring suggesting my father and Klaes are not at fault and that someone else tampered with the bike while it was parked at the apartment lot.

Gregory Richard Klaes Age: 50-54 (As of 10/2015)

Phone number 281-465-8580
Southwestern Bell Landline
Address 30202 Vinebriar Dr Spring, TX 77386-3040

His brothers Roger and Kurt:

Roger M Klaes Age: 55-59
Phone numbers 716-269-3684
Chautauqua & Erie Tel. Corp. Landline
Address 79 Sea Lion Dr Mayville, NY 14757-9778

Kurt D Klaes Age: 50-54
Phone number 716-753-2323 Chautauqua & Erie Tel. Corp. Landline
Address 309 Summer St Apt D Buffalo, NY 14222-2601

Greg is married to Nancy Hunziker:

Nancy Hunziker-Klaes, REM, CSEM
Senior Environmental Specialist at Martin Resource Management Corp.
Houston, Texas AreaEnvironmental Services

Martin Resource Management Corp., Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Small Business and Local Government Assistance

National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP), Atkins, Women in the Environment (WE)

Education: University at Buffalo

Recommendations: 3 people have recommended Nancy


Women in the Environment




Senior Environmental Specialist
Martin Resource Management Corp.
August 2012 - Present (3 years 3 months)

Compliance Assistance Specialist
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Small Business and Local Government Assistance
January 2005 - Present (10 years 10 months)

Exam Committee Chair
National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP)
January 2011 - October 2012 (1 year 10 months)
As exam committee chair, organized and lead committee meetings, documented communications, ensured the sample exam questions to be presented to NREP were in compliance with the Item Writing Guide for Subject Matter Experts.

Project Manager
August 2005 - August 2012 (7 years 1 month)
Managed projects related to environmental compliance, EHS training. hazardous materials emergency response, Superfund remedial design, pollution prevention inventories and solutions, hazardous waste characterization and annual waste summaries. As a senior-level professional, Ms. Hunziker-Klaes was also responsible for marketing and maintaining a broad professional network, client relations, peer review of technical reports and documents, and successful budget and schedule of projects. In addition to technical expertise Ms. Hunziker-Klaes provided important community service functions on behalf of Atkins and as part of her personal values.

Registered Environmental Manager REM 472436523, 11/01/10
Certified Safety Environmental and Emergency Manager, 93078613, 10/15/2010
TxDOT Pre-certified ESN 18329
40-Hour Hazardous Materials Site Safety Course 29 CFR Part 1910.120
Mine Safety and Health Administration Training 30 CFR Parts 46 and 48
PEC Basic Orientation (SafeLandUSA)

Board of Director
Women in the Environment (WE)
2004 - 2012 (8 years)
Women in the Environment (WE) is a group of dynamic women who are conquering the challenges of the environmental industries such as recycling companies and co-ops, environmental law, sustainable building and remodeling for commercial and residential real estate, environmental engineering, landfill diversion techniques, and sustainable marketing to name a few.

These women are active in many other organizations in the market and draw upon the expertise of their network to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers. You will be surrounded by a group of passionate professionals interested in driving business to you as a means of building awareness about the environmental industries that can positively impact our region.

WE facilitates meetings and tours throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth market at local recyclers and processors, higher education campuses, corporate headquarters, airports and manufacturing plants.

Project Manager
2005 - 2011 (6 years)

Project Manager
ATC Associates
2004 - 2005 (1 year)

Project Manager
Caldwell Engineering
2001 - 2002 (1 year)

Project Manager
Ecology & Environment, Inc.
1987 - 2000 (13 years)

Assoc. Engineer
Parsons/DeLeuw Cather
1986 - 1987 (1 year)

University at Buffalo
B.S., Civil Engineering
1984 - 1986

State University of New York College at Oneonta
B.S., Geography
1980 - 1983

South Lewis Central School
High School
1976 - 1980


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Nancy:

Nancy is exceptionally talented and provides tremendous expertise to the National Registry of Environmental Professionals Exam Committee with dedication, energy, and a high level of enthusiasm to further the environmental profession. She leads initiatives with high energy, is exceptionally meticulous with detail, and possesses a unique ability for goal attainment. I look forward to working further with her as we continue this endeavor. -- Scott C Spear, CEA, REM, REPA, RHCMM Executive Chair

Nancy and I worked together at PBS&J for two years. She provided support to me on my projects and was instrumental in building and retaining a very strong working relationship with the City of Dallas. Nancy is an extremely competent Project Manager, with experience managing a variety of client work. Her environmental regulation knowledge in extensive and she is a focused and determined employee.

Greg indicated to me he had planned to work in his father's firm that looks to have been acquired by this company (M/E) in 1999. So I doubt that worked out for him.

[... M/E expands to Buffalo, New York in 1996 with Liberto overseeing the new office. The office grows to fifteen employees and in 1999, the staff increases to more than 50 when M/E acquires the assets of Buffalo-based engineering firm Wilson, Klaes, Brucker and Worden, P.C. The Buffalo office is now located at 60 Lakefront Boulevard, in downtown Buffalo and has 55 full time employees. ...]

M/E Engineering

Buffalo, NY Diane Soto, Office Manager
Suite 320, 60 Lakefront Boulevard
Buffalo, New York 14202
Phone: 716.845.5092
Fax: 716.845.6187

Firm History

In 1991, Professional Engineers Al Casey, Joe Straub, Ron Mead and Bill Liberto form M/E Engineering, P.C. Rather than providing multiple services, the Principals decide to concentrate on what they do best - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - to maximize value for their clients. The business quickly grows in Rochester and throughout New York State and presently has 150 employees.

M/E expands to Buffalo, New York in 1996 with Liberto overseeing the new office. The office grows to fifteen employees and in 1999, the staff increases to more than 50 when M/E acquires the assets of Buffalo-based engineering firm Wilson, Klaes, Brucker and Worden, P.C. The Buffalo office is now located at 60 Lakefront Boulevard, in downtown Buffalo and has 55 full time employees.

In 1999, Tony Thomas, Cal Puffer, John Dredger, Bruce Knapp and Jim Chatelle become shareholders of M/E Engineering, P.C. and in 2009 they are named Principals in the firm.

M/E moves the Rochester office to 150 North Chestnut Street in Rochester's Cultural District in 2002. Al Casey, president of M/E Engineering, oversees company operations from Rochester and Ron Mead manages the Rochester office. M/E presently employs 65 at our Rochester location.

M/E's Capital District office opens in 2003 in Albany, New York. Joe Straub is the Vice President in charge of the Capital District operation. In March 2011 M/E relocated the Capital District office to 433 State Street in downtown Schenectady, and presently has a full-time staff of 25.

M/E's Syracuse office is added in 2004. The office is located at 441 South Salina Street in downtown Syracuse and houses ME Engineering's Computer Aided Engineering Services (CAES) group.

The bizzare connections come back here, in the first Lethal Weapon movie and keep in mind I watched this with Doug Golde and Tom Palisano when this first came out and they were both disturbed to the point of becoming cold and sweaty and faint... and Doug confessed on it then.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

The vanity comes back here with the want to repeat name vanity and in all of this in the arranged relations with me the names are too close.

Tom Atkins ... Michael Hunsaker

Nancy Hunziker-Klaes, etc. later works for Atkins..... ziker biker etc...

The Lethal Weapon character Mr. Joshua as me getting cut apart in 1981:

More toxic brownfield paranoia:

#atkins #superfund #fingerlakes #nancyhunziker #gregoryklaes #brownfield

In the Lethal Weapon movie the portion with Mr Joshua baring his forearm means this was arranged, since it was not stated or implied with the demand.

The fact McAllister makes Mendez do the burning is the same vanity of the attack in 1981 where some of the participants are compelled by Niagara County Sheriff who are on the scene of the lynch mob.

You have a problem that recurs with names or lack of them. Mr Pink.... etc..

#lethalweapon #melgibson #dannyglover

Greg Klaes' main squeeze Nancy Hunziker-Klaes also has a Facebook page.

You also have a bit of a chemical stink on the whole problem and Doug Golde is another friend who likes to run me over when I bike and he has an Atkins Granola Bar problem on the issue circa June 2003 with the murder efforts with Heike.

Over there at Buffalo General Hospital for my mental/dental/rental health.

Hester Prynne And The Scarlet Letter:

A bit preachy on the whole fiasco.

Honda CBR1000F

1991 Honda CBR1000F 1000cc liquid cooled inline 4 chain final drive.

Doug Golde attempted to run me over in the rain as we went to Imperial on Broadway summer of 1992. I was taking it in for the first valve adjustment.