How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Police Shenanigans. Letter to local judges back home.

I was stopped in Summer of 1980 on RT104 just west of Wrights Corners by a NY State Trooper in an unmarked car. The trooper tailgated my 1977 Ford Mustang II so closely and menaced me with the car I thought he'd hit me as I drove west past the corner of 104 and 78. He then stopped me for speeding since I sped up to avoid him and he actually made ME go back to the barracks to get the ticket. I should never have paid this. His associates were dumbfounded and basically implied don't be in a hurry to pay this one. I agree now.

It also smells of my father's involve.


I was attacked/stopped by a NY State Trooper in a marked car while I was riding south on RT 425 out of Wilson NY on my 1984 Honda V65 Sabre/VF1100S motorcycle. The Trooper was heading north on RT425 and went to hit me head on and tried to force me into the ditch with the bike. I was neither speeding nor doing anything wrong and he had no reason to stop me or likely to be there at all. NCSD is typically tasked with patrols in that area. This is assault and he had no probable cause for the stop and I now see he has no witness from his prior crimes. He has nullified them as I said. He knew that. And so did you when I appeared before you.


While riding the same bike, the Honda V65 Sabre/VF1100S motorcycle, I was coming home at night in the rain and making a turn from Walden Avenue eastbound onto Union Road southbound when I was nearly struck and killed by a Cheektowaga NY Police car that came speeding out of nowhere with lights off (As in no flashing lights and NO headlights) running the red lights at the intersection to come careening past me as I turned. He had no reason to maintain lane position, cross the center line, you might as well since you ran the lights, and I was not obligated to, I have right of way, and he does not.

And I'd say he attempted to dump me into the curb or run me over.


In 1999 while I worked at CEDARTECH, Inc at 5500 Main Street in Buffalo NY I came out of work to find that my Silver 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP had a Green GMC Sierra Pickup truck smashed into the front of it. The driver of the truck had shoved my car into the parking pawl so hard I could not get the car out of park. The GMC Sierra shoved in the front bumper of the car and damaged it and made it so I could not shift the car. I waited for the driver to come out and found his name was John Bunch owner of Majestic Pools and Spas on Walden Avenue and he also had a Erie County Sheriff badge in his wallet. He agreed to pay for the damages and never did so. This one stinks also.


Summer of 2004 I was stopped in the Town of Hamlin NY while I was driving my 2002 Red GMC Sierra SLT NY tag 77715JF westbound on Lake Ontario Parkway. The Monroe County deputy was acting oddly, attempting to park his Crown Victoria in the median near an out of service weigh station and doing so in brush and weeds over 6 feet tall. He seemed to be doing this to stop me and me only, as in he as there to meet me. I have no idea why he stopped me and I had pulled over to let him pass as I saw him drive out of the mess he was making in the median. He made some odd comment how a NY State Trooper was killed riding his bike here. So what? It has nothing to do with me. That is likely his fault.

Town of Hamlin judge knew I should not pay this and the town clerk said just that, I can't accept this money it is wrong.

I was waiting for you to prosecute my wife for her efforts to murder me and nearly starved to death in that area waiting for you to do so.


I was stopped while heading south on RT425 out of Wilson NY by a NCSD in my Blue Chevy Nova 4door NY tag NFK555. The NCSD was tailgating me in his marked Crown Victoria while I waited for a person in front of me to turn into their driveway. Following that I sped back up to 55mph, the limit there. Then I was stopped and cited for "Speed not reasonable or prudent".

This is a fraud. And the deputy went on to tell me what he was doing and asked did I question his authority and at this time it seemed like a Freudian slip, he is guilty and knew it. As of now, yes I do since he had no witness and he has no crime.

I said no I question your judgment.

Your dogs are off the leash. This is absurd.


Following the wife's attempts to murder me summer of 2003 I was forced off the road while driving my 2002 Red GMC Sierra SLT NY tag 77715JF southbound on Campbell Blvd in Lockport NY. I was in my lane heading past our home at 6178 Campbell Blvd and was about to overtake a pack of Harley Davidson bikes riding north when from the back of the pack a NY State Trooper on a Police Harley and one other rider came into my lane and forced me into the front lawn and ditch of my neighbor Rodney Stellrecht.

The Trooper's Harley clearly was labeled with the NYSP Insignia and he stuck his nose in the air as he did this as if to say GET OUT OF MY WAY!

This is a felony. It was also done to me intentionally.

They were going to run into my truck head on.


As I still waited and suffered in ill health in area hotels in 2004 I was stopped on RT18 in the Town of Newfane NY in a rented Crown Victoria by a NCSD in a large marked SUV. Deputy Schuey menaced me with the truck and all but shoved me down the road to write me a speeding ticket in the Town of Newfane NY. He asked me if I was going to pay for the car, and told me to sit tight. Calling me by some nickname he made up and shared with Ellen Golde, Tear. We are not friends...

I am not going to now and he is paying for it and so are you. Why discuss this now on the side of the road? This is YOUR fault.

Have you people gone INSANE???? Where do you find these idiots? You actually let them have guns?

Again, more opportunism and the want to profit from your crimes, your dereliction, your delay, and your denial of service.


While backing out of the driveway and attempting to park my 2002 Red GMC Sierra SLT NY tag 77715JF at 415 Englewood Avenue Buffalo NY 14223 summer 2003, I was all but run over by a speeding Kenmore Police officer who screamed at me something about a turn signal. There is no need for one since nobody was on the street and if he was not going 200mph and hoping to run into me as I backed out then the problem would not have presented itself. He has no need to be there and I now see all these frauds relate to each other, your cops are putting on an obstruction of justice show. This is about your other friend on his Harley...... the problems dovetail.

As it turns out I am visiting his friend and shill and my faux friend Doug Golde who helped them to rape me with a knife in 1981 and then lie about it.


In the case of a traffic stop in Fort Niagara Park summer 2004 by the NY State Park Police, the officer indicated to me he had knowledge of the knife wounds and attack in 1981. And then implied I had something in the car to "hurt myself" with. This clearly is a fraud and collusion in and with violent hate. He knew better than to say that.

This was a clever trap since I needed to drive into the park to read the sign that said the park is now closed, he felt a need to charge me with a misdemeanor anyway given the fact I did not know that. It seems excessive and unreasonable and wanting to compel a relation with him I don't want or need. He never does anything for me.

It is also opportunism to obstruct related to the other violent felonies, who's fault is that? His and yours.

I was waiting for you and he to prosecute my attackers. And I still am, this is now 2014. Ten years later.


In early 2003 I was stopped at night by a NY State Trooper on East Canal Road in Lockport. He actually waited to stop me so I had to appear in Pendleton Town Court and not Lockport for some reason and he set up shop on this piece of road just for me.

There would be no other reason to be there at night during the week since nobody travels that way ever. This was done using my wife to harm me at home and to force me from the home at that time. She colluded with the Police to make this work.

She did the same thing other times and my parents would also be guilty of this clever trick also.


To that, the wife and other shills conspired in efforts to cause harm, acted with the police to fine me for moving violations, and cover for other police crime including having a female Amherst Police officer back her marked APD Crown Victoria into the side of my parked 1987 Chevy S10 Pickup truck NY tag CL8036 outside Heike and my duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive Right Amherst NY 14228.

Heike came home later and duplicated the behavior (using her red 1991 Mazda Protege NY plate F7C 603) of the APD officer to cover for her, I witnessed BOTH events and saw the damage was caused by the APD Crown Victoria. This is felony hit and run.

No lights, no hurry, she backed out like some old lady, pushed the truck up on 2 wheels, hence SUNY Buffalo CEDAR's David Bartnik's comment "Joey Chitwood". She saw she had backed into the truck then hunkered down as if to say, oh damn I hope nobody saw me there.... I stood in the front window of our duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive and saw the whole thing. The truck was pristine before she hit it.

You are going to pay for this.

Everything the Judiciary and Enforcement, Police and Judges, did here is a fraud. This is done to obstruct.