How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Summary Page.

These problems convolve in certain ways and to summarize:

Much of this was designed or invented to be easily misunderstood and then later marketed as being my fault. It is not. Often times known as a "Fix". Vanity ruins that usually.

These are inventions of the state and done so with those like my parents and Police friends involved.

Even so with relations with Heike, the woman who married me to harm me. Doing that (blame of me) is not possible since she can't be there at all. I can not be there either and that is not my fault.

I am not aware, they are. And she and they acted with state before the fact, during the relation and after the fact, they shared information to obstruct etc.

Heike and my parents are complicit in these crimes.

Look at the problem where Heike and I lived at 182 Berehavan Drive Right Amherst NY 14228. A uniformed female Amherst Police woman backed her marked Amherst police car into my Chevy S10 truck parked out front. Putting the truck up on two wheels and damaging it. She left the scene, doing a hit and run.

Heike came home a short time later and duplicated the behavior to claim she had done this. This was done to protect the Police.

This situation went undiscussed for months when finally while visiting my father's home I brought it up. He NORMALLY would have said something months ago since he saw the damage many times and remained silent. I pointed it out and Heike said she did that. I said no you did not, an APD Crown Victoria did that, my father said oops here we go.

They lied. You can not build a marriage on this. This matters and I was told we'd annul this marriage. Why has it NOT been done yet and WHY WAS SHE PAID ONE CENT?

For the want to claim Heike was not aware, she was and that matters not either since she did violence to me and fraud and then lied to me about all the rest.

Heike conspired in the degree frauds before we married and she knew I was stateless and why.

She and later Dr Srihari pressured me to attend UB commencement when they conferred my BSEE degree in early 1992 and I refused. Heike also wanted me to go to collect the degree there and to then go to Crofts Hall to get the actual copy of it. I also refused and made them mail it to me.

Heike became upset to the point of being vehement, stormed into my and Larry Schnitzer's office and pitched the carboard flat mailer at me having it smash against the window onto the desk top missing me fortunately. Then she stormed out. They knew it was a fraud since SUNY admits guilt back in 1984 with Dean Anderson and they did grading wrong etc to conspire.

This was known when I matriculated there in summer 1981, they admit theft and say I can not attend SUNY. Before this I was asked or told to leave Clarkson College freshman year with Dr. Egon Matijevic making this mess during a morning lecture in late 1979. Other students believe it or not stood up for me and spoke to the problem knowing it in total. Discussed in other places on my site on the pages Academic Murders.

Heike had knowledge and this was planned with her knowing this all along. She also had skills useful to make this what it was. Tactics are being used. Malice aforethought. This was planned and that ends up blowing up in late June 2003 with conversations with my father and a Niagara County Mental Health Designee reputedly named "Barry Covert". Done after Heike acted to murder me 06/06/2003 then going to Germany for 3 weeks.

Heike acted with the state and contrary to me, that can NOT happen. I was told in 2003 we'd annul the marriage but despite that my monies were stolen and given to her for some reason. That can't happen either.

For US IRS and Albany Tax et al, they knew of this long ago and yet stole money under the false pretense they had the right to collect them when in fact they did NOT. This was done to enable the crimes moving forward and to conspire anew with future felonies and murder and the ones currently and yet on the table.

For US IRS and US Postal and US DOD, they did overt acts of violence in order to attempt murder to suppress.

Female US IRS employees @ IRS Service Center in Covington KY admit guilt just before my employer @ SUNY Buffalo and Dr Sargur Srihari and they attempt murder on the interstate in 2002. Done by arranging a car accident that ruined a new Dodge Grand Caravan with a deer car hit they set up using a tractor trailer to attempt to hit me after I hit the deer.

A male US IRS employee circa 1996 in Ogden Utah IRS Service Center, admits to me and another employee there that I am Stateless, they can't hire me or tax me and can not use my intellectual property.

A visit to USPS engineering in Merrifield VA has a male USPS engineer admit same to me, that I am Stateless, that they can not use my IP and I can't work in the USA. He advised me to do as I am doing now and not to say anything something needs to be resolved. This again was circa 1997.

That also is denial of service.

For the rest of you, I've had employers and attorneys in other states, who I have no prior relation with and these people do not know me at all, collect from me my DOB, US SSN, and Full Legal Name.

Within less than 5 minutes time and often with as one attorney did, nearly falling backwards out of his manager's chair, state to me.... You ARE stateless.... and that is a huge problem.

This was confirmed with local employers in Buffalo NY area as well as SONY R&D on Balboa in San Diego CA as of late 2005. They also admit guilt with vanity problems related to Hollywood movies and other entertainment. They are right.

So IF these people can know this then certainly so DOES US IRS and NY Tax in Albany etc. They have all along. And this is about child harm and moves forward from that.

US DOD and Raytheon as well as Diehl BGT Defence in Ueberlingen Germany attempt murder again when Roger Goode assaults me 07/25/2005. Also done to protect NY State and their murdering cabal including my former German spouse Heike Helga Jones.

US IRS and Albany Tax admit guilt, admit theft since they sent bills for additional monies that they are not owed, etc.

I was told I had to leave late in 2008 by those in US DOJ and San Jose CA and by Paul Gregorie @ NYS Workers' Compensation Board in Buffalo NY. Saying they denied you service and this is not your fault. That ends it.

The end result is that I'd advise you not to do business with New York State, or any other US State for that matter as:

Consider the harms made to me, and if doctors for instance are willing to illegally take a life, do medical murder, of an innocent child or adult, in order to enable others who did such murder to the child and others, to get away with it, this says you and yours can not remain there either. This also involved child harms at K-12 schools as well as degree and other frauds @ SUNY Buffalo and Clarkson College. That also matters.

Since courts, law and Police, educators, clergy etc share the same prejudice and you being guilty of something is not enough to protect you and your children.

With that paying taxes to a mafia in lieu of state is not desirable or possible, don't do it.

CIA Floor Sweepers

Good luck with the smear, being your policy of raping and torturing and killing your own children. Then blaming them for it.

That won't buff out & I am not OK with it. Why were all of you?

No point to preach on your crimes and atrocity now is there? Want a mop or a tissue?