How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Usual Suspects, AKA Shills

The Usual Suspects, those who claimed to be friends including Doug Golde, David Farley, Tom Palisano, Larry Fried, Ken Banks and others who conspired in the hate crimes and violence. Most of these people made at least one effort at homicide of me, and then malingered and interloped in my life following the 1981 knife attack.

Doug and Tom and I shared a dormitory at SUNY Buffalo Amherst Campus in fall of 1981 and that should have never happened either.

David Warren Farley DDS And Family In Italy David Warren Farley DDS Dan Farley David's Brother

David Farley also lived near us on Washington Street in Wilson NY and went to my high school. He is part of the cabal of people who harmed me as a child and their church was involved also.

David W. Farley, D.D.S.
5002 Brambleton Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 540-774-6667

Much of this harm to me was done to protect people like David.

Prior to marrying his wife who has a father and others in dental practice, David worked for NASA as a professional photographer graduating from RIT in Rochester NY.

The other problem for David Farley beyond the 1981 attack and medical provider issues relates to an event circa 1977 in the winter.

David stopped over to visit one winter day and he wanted to walk out on the ice formations behind my parent's house on 4483 East Lake Road in Wilson NY 14172.

I advised him this might not be wise given the fact the pack is thick near the shore but gets treacherous once you get farther from the shore line.

We went down to walk along the lake and he started to journey too far out onto the pack ice. He then started to demand and implore me to walk out further with him, he was relentless and pushed too hard on it.

I refused and told him he has to come closer to me, it is not safe there, and if not, then I am going to the house to get dad.

This must have trapped him and he had to comply, we walked into my parent's home via the back door and went into the dining room where my father was waiting for us with hate in his eyes. God he was mad.....

My father started to berate me with a tirade that said I am being blamed for something he knew was not my fault. He was being unreasonable and I explained without making David seem too guilty that he did not know better and went out too far and I asked him to please come back in. My father did not want to hear this and then went to David who was standing on my right, my father was facing me, and he said to David I blame you since you should know better.

David then replied "But this is what you wanted, don't blame me!" So they must have discussed this and not had their ducks in a row for this outcome. Right as David said that my father said to David shut up and I got sucker punched and almost knocked out and fell to the floor. My father hit me with his left fist and knocked me to the floor.

This given what I now know about the involve of his parents in the transformer death trap with National Grid, formerly Niagara Mohawk, suggests that the motive or intent here was for me to fall to my death beneath the pack ice.

This was arranged.

There is a technique here also.

Duncan Ross made a comment about the PC based Unix product SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) Unix calling it Sex Change Operation.

David Farley commented when I was a child how he could picture my Great Aunt Gladys Baker and Great Uncle Art Baker as having their genitalia exchanged. Gladys with penis and Art with a vagina.

It was an odd non sequitur and I was not aware he even knew of or had met my Great Aunt and Great Uncle ever.

This was a way to refer to the sex acts done to me as a child where I was dressed up like a girl and raped.

Others in the Town of Wilson New York acted upon that as I said, even going so far as to serve me a fake draft notice inducting me into the Army when I was a child.

Atta Boy Luther!

Gender Bender Gerry Pender.

Problem is, another one that is, being David Warren Farley worked for NASA before becoming a DDS is that they'd have done a background check on him and discovered this and Farley is a photographer. Not rocket science.

So you have another problem now.

Courtesy hire and coverup, done to conspire and obstruct. Compel silence, etc.

The other problems again are of course David Farley being 5 years older than he really represented to me and others. Photographic expertise and home darkroom capabilities along with same for Dr. Laurence Fried at LLNL Livermore CA and Tom Faire of Wilson High School given the child harms and production of porn when Jennifer and I were children this looks even worse now. Attempts at homicide, collusion with hate crimes and arsons, etc.

Terry Allen Jones Requiem The Traitor Douglas Golde Roxanne, Nicholas, Douglas Golde

Doug Golde who now works for Fisher Price in East Aurora NY mentioned to me many years ago, well before 2001, the notion he wanted to involve me in as he put it, a New World Order and how did I feel about that? This was after the knife attack in 1981 in which he is a part of. He led me to be attacked that evening summer of 1981. He later confides in me, as did Eve Rothman my former common law wife, that they were paid. Compensated financially for being involved with me.

This clearly says that these people, working for you making toys for your kids, stand for the violent and perverted abuse and harm of your children and I'd think that Fisher Price would divest itself from this. Doug knew of all of this and was part of this plan to harm me further.

They are owned by Mattel Toys:

Doug Golde's mother was Ellen Golde (Now deceased as is their father Doug) and Ellen worked for Niagara County Social Services as a fraud investigator. She knew of the child harm of me and the involve of the Police, friends of my father's, in that. Their sons were now being used to harm me as faux friends and shills.

Problems get worse as I see it now for NY State et al since Ellen Golde worked in law enforcement for Niagara County NY and her sons and her husband Doug Golde Sr both conspired or took part in more than one homicide and by that so did Ellen.

Ellen L. Golde (Nee Leach of Leach Dairy family)

Date of Birth December 5, 1927
Date of Death October 31, 2004
Age at Death 76
Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 098-22-8831

Doug and Tom Golde's father:

Douglas H. Golde

Date of Birth January 30, 1925
Date of Death December 19, 1999
Age at Death 74
Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 104-24-5931

While working for Emerson Industrial Controls in Grand Island NY Doug commented how he was working with them to create a thrill ride atop NY City's Empire State Building and was required to bribe someone to make this happen. Could be a harbinger of me working at CEDAR (Cedar Point Six Flags Ohio) at SUNY Buffalo and his adoption of his son Nicholas.

.... where I was harmed on the job. My Great Aunt Gladys Baker mentioned this would be done before I was hired there, she predicted it. And likened it to a role playing game Dungeons and Dragons .... She was right.

Doug and Roxanne had to bribe doctors in Moscow to adopt their son Nicholas who is horridly brain damaged as they find out now. This likely was done to retaliate or to invent them as being martyrs. They are not.

These events may be related in that he would speak to them in advance in keeping with the other direct harms made to me, they all were premeditated and harbingers were sown as comments and other vanity plays along the way.

My belief now is that there would be plans to do something like this and not tell others specifically what or when. This would be a controlled leak that would be used to cause harm to those the State saw as being a threat, that being they would expose the State for crimes against this person or others.

Roxanne and Doug on FaceBook -

Odd how Doug and his brother Tom Golde worked for Niagara County at their health camp for kids for two summers in 1980 and 1981. Part of Doug's "ritual" with the kids when they were bad was to make them sit and "watch X". They had to sit in the corner and stare at the wall with a hat on, on the wall and the hat was a large letter "X" made with felt marker.

The truth is out there.

Doug Golde is also active and serves on the board of the local engineering quality society. A joke that is that his friend he sees molested and abused as a child, his parents would have been the ones to protect me from that working for the County of Niagara. He sees his friend literally vivisected and lynched and he enables/conspires in that, and now he works making children's toys, is concerned with engineering quality, and adopts a disabled child from the USSR. It makes no sense to me at all.

Website: Mr. Douglas Golde --

ASQ Board Members
Chair – Doug Golde, (CQE, CRE), +1 716-687‐3607 douglas.golde@fisher‐
Vice Chair – Mark J. Kosowski, (CQA), +1 716-684-9242,
Treasurer – Tom Bukowski, +1 716-891-3673,
Secretary – Jeffrey Ash, (CQA, CQE), +1 716-549-5100,
Education – David J. Auda, (CRE), +1 716-634-1040,

I find it odd and telling that before Doug and Roxanne Ayers married, Roxanne lived near us in Losson Gardens apartments with Lenea Ford, from Kennebunkport, ME. And you'd guess it right, they were close personal friends with former president George Bush Sr. Now the logical mind will tell you that if your friend was attacked in this fashion as I had been, and you knew about it and enabled it, and so did your spouse to be, I'd also have to believe that something so tragic and dishonest as this would be discussed, and with that, people who'd be in the know would be aware of it also. That being, Ms. Ford and the Bush families. Who live right next door to you. Secret Service would know who Ford knew since she had access to Bush Sr.

At that time in 1981 the Goldes lived at 520 Lake Street in Wilson NY 14172. Doug and Roxanne Golde now live at 415 Englewood Avenue Tonawanda NY 14223, just around the corner from my former spouse in her new home purchased with the money made on my blood. Heike lives at 94 St. Johns Avenue Buffalo NY 14223.

Problem here is that they went for tossing mud on my character, to accuse me of what they did to me, in all aspects, and then announced I'd be a persona non grata when I was a teen. Any time is too soon, but well before I was aware I was Stateless and a victim. They incriminate themselves on the vanity and the fact they did this in advance says they are cognizant of their guilt.

The overt act of doing these acts of violence and terror and suicide is enough as well as the self deprecating humor offered by the fact you'd do this to you and yours. This went on at home for me and Doug knew that. I had to forget to live there. The teachers also knew. And they conspired.

Unfortunately this is too important to ignore since I have witness that matters, and this is how these people ruin their victims, you are embroiled in this forever in the wake of it.

This also fits the bill of blaming the victims of State crimes who'd want to get back at the State for knives they don't know are in their backs, and the self deprecating humorist's solution to pull this stunt on 9/11 says all you need to know.

Point being, guilt by association and prediction will then be offered as innuendo and speculation that says I had something to do with it. I of course did not.

And I can't get back at people like Doug and Mom and Dad since I don't see the knife, yet...... Now I know it is there and see you for it.... That is the rub.

It was arranged by our parents that Doug Golde and I would be friends and just the fact that he is involved and that his mother Ellen Golde worked for Niagara County Social services is enough to confirm that the State is involved in the sponsor of this horrid violence and abuse of me.

Ellen used to mock the abuse to me behind my back or otherwise with the following statements and nicknames I was given in her insane frauds:

I was called "The freak from the lake road". Odd how I am the freak since I am blamed as a child victim of abuse and child rape.

Nickel and dime nobody.

A Holy Roller. Something to do with the child rape at the Baptist Church and Lutheran Church I'd say.

Has new context and meaning given the fact Ellen Golde had knowledge of what was being done to me and sat idly by and did nothing.

Doug of course knew of all of that, my mother was institutionalized for the birth harm to me, and Doug was responsible for me being lynched in 1981. We later shared a dormitory in 1981 at SUNY Buffalo and Doug continued to live with me in shared apartments later. He could not have lived with me at all and should have been imprisoned for his work in the hate crimes against me.

When Doug and I were first introduced when I was about 14, Doug indicated to me while we were in the living room of their home at 520 Lake Street Wilson NY 14172 - "My brothers and I are going to torture and kill you."

Doug only had one brother, Tom who was one year younger than Doug and I. Why use the term in the plural sense?

It seems he was not kidding. As what my wife said to me - "I've told you everything I am going to do to you and I am going to kill you."

Maybe in the process of sponsoring harm to children and their agendas of population control or whatever it may be, Fisher Price can use Doug's skills to turn your kid's toys into selective remote controlled weapons of child murder so you can be rid of that little abortion in a Jiffy?

It is odd that Doug in all his feigned morality and Jesuit frauds claims not to believe in premarital sex, stands against abortion, but in fact sponsors and supports, enables, and participates in violent harm and perverted harm to children and adults, specifically innocents and those he'd claim to be friends with. That being me, for instance.

I have to hear him and his wife to be (Roxanne Ayers) discuss with her exclaiming there is something on her leg and it is white. After they had sex in the bedroom next to mine in the apartment I shared with Doug in Depew NY.

I see at this point that it is not so much that Roxanne Ayers was done to Doug Golde but in fact I'd have to think that Doug and Roxanne were done to me.

Doug specifically mocked me post Heike's murder attempts in 2003 about me being poisoned and when I made mention of my parents then he said "There has never been anything there for you."

Point being as for my parents, why wait till now to tell me this since I've known you since the mid 1970's? My parents now decide that since my wife violently harmed me and I need to divorce her that since everything was fine our whole lives, that they need to ask me to leave and not have a relationship with them since they have been harmful. Again why do this now?

Roxanne mentioned to me in 2006 how they were teaching their disabled son Nicholas how to masturbate. He would only be at the most 8 years old. Too soon. I found the comment worrisome and I reported them to CMEC. This seems to relate to the behaviors I mentioned regarding the National Lampoon and the 16 year masturbatory affair with the friend's mother's (Ellen Golde?) nude photos discovered in the attic.

Roxanne's father passed away recently. I hope he was not knifed in the back too?

William Edward Ayers
August 23, 1935 - May 15, 2014 Resided in (E) Williamsville, NY -

May 15, 2014, age 78, beloved husband of Barbara (Coole) Ayers, dear father of Roxanne (Douglas) Golde and William P. Ayers; loving grandfather of Nicholas Golde; cousin of John Piscotty. The family will be present to receive friends Monday 2-4 and 7-9 PM at the Urban-AMIGONE FUNERAL HOME 7540 Clinton St. Elma where Funeral Services will be held Tuesday morning at 11:00 AM Friends invited. Mr. Ayers was a veteran of the US Navy and an avid sportsman. If desired, memorials may be made in Mr. Ayer's memory to the Alzheimer's Association of WNY 2805 Wehrle Dr. Williamsville, NY 14221. Please share yor condolences at -

Ripoff Report For Doug Golde --


The kid's camp was east of Davison Road on East High Street in Lockport NY USA:

It comes back to making you feel like the black kids in the south denied service at the soda shop and those doing it to me back in Western NY made just that slur and joke behind my back more than once. See about the reference to the movie "Watermelon Man" and how I was told I am the man. Doug Golde Jr said just that, his mother worked for Niagara County Social Services and they claimed to be friends. Not of mine, but of my parents and the State. Two different sides really. Wrong VS Right.

Doug also commented about the TV series "The Prisoner" and compared me to the man in the bubble, a prejudice that they'd see to use all throughout this. The boy in the bubble...

I don't think you or anyone else are victims at my hand. Actually I am sure of that.

This was the idea however, State plays perfect femme fatale paradigm and involves you by proxy to act as victims when caught on it all.

This is the idea.

You are victims at the State's hand not mine.

Another of Doug's favorites offering his prejudice of me by proxy:

-- Imperial Cycle employee knew Doug tried to hit me in rain, how?

Doug Golde, nearly ran me over in the rain when I had him give me a ride back from Imperial Cycle in Cheektowaga, NY. I had to drop off my new CBR1000F for a valve adjustment. Doug claimed he almost lost me and we had discussed where the dealer was and lived about 1 mile away. I had to all but put the front wheel in the air in the rain to get ahead of his front bumper on his Almond Dodge Coronet.

Once at Imperial an employee made some rash remark to Doug about being all wet, but tripped on the words, this indicated he knew of the incident. How could he? This has to have been planned. I also nearly was run over on I-290 in Buffalo when they did not attach the ground strap of my V65 Sabre in for work. Also might be done intentionally. The truck (a semi followed me home) behaved oddly.

-- Ellen Golde Dentist Wilson NY Doug, knew about Castle.

Ellen used to complain how she took Doug to a dentist in Wilson NY and how he is a butcher and they don't use Novocaine. This was a way to mock me for the fact Castle was harming me intentionally. There never was a dentist in Wilson my father later told me.

He knew it was about them.

The odd problem we are finding out is that all my friends (who are not really friends), are in fact shills and friends of the Police, my wife and family included.

This does not help them.

I'd need to be told that. Especially given the history.

I don't need to have a relationship with the Police.

I am not interested in an "informal" solution that only has me paying the ultimate price, death, for your crimes.

And it should not matter what I know or want.

YOU were supposed to be trusted to resolve this for me.

And you always seem to be able to get it wrong. In effect know nothing and everything.

Doug Golde and Kenneth Morris Banks III had a telling conversation in front of me early on in the relation with KMBIII at 254 Minnesota Avenue Buffalo NY and I was not sure it was really about me, seems it was. Ken asked about if I was right or left handed and Doug was standing to my right and Ken to my left and we were in the dining room of the flat and Doug iterated it won't matter, I've ridden with him and he will change up on you. I was not sure what this was about and Doug explained further I've only seen it a few times but it is brutally fast and like a cannon shot and he said I can't duplicate or do it. Doug looked right at Ken and said this WILL NOT be as easy as you think.

So this spoke to the plans in advance of me having an "accident" and Ken even bragged something to that effect and during this he also claimed I was a "persona non grata". And even became defensive and surly when I explained I doubt this to be true, akin to Ellen Golde when she claimed or offered use of a femme fatale on their front porch at 520 Lake Street Wilson NY, and my father in his home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY regarding mention of Fourth Reich Nazi Nonsense. "OH YOU DON'T THINK SO??!?!??" ... Interesting.

One of Doug's more clever comments to me about Tom Belschner's father was that "Tom's father likes monkey brain soup too.."

He told me he felt that Dr. Srihari at SUNY Buffalo CEDAR was going to solve the halting problem using "Monkeys with typewriters.."

Doug Golde and Fisher Price Mattel Toys Suicide Ride

An update on Doug's problem as of 12/2017 as this situation continues to fester unresolved.

I have a hard time understanding how Doug Golde, and those involved with him, remain at large as of some time in 2017, after Doug being directly involved and responsible for actual efforts of homicide, and then being an accessory after the fact in child murder and other atrocity in Western New York State.

How can this person possibly work for a local toy manufacturer, Fisher Price Toys in East Aurora, and be responsible for such horrid harms to children and adults?

Doug and his parents overall advocated such harms to me, are involved in such harms to me, and are involved in the death of other children.

Those harms to me include two acts by my parents to murder me as an infant. Another effort to murder me via drowning in Lake Ontario Canada when I was a toddler. I spent many months in hospital there when my body was recovered on a later day. Other efforts at torture of me as a child by my parents. An effort to hang me with a rope noose in my parent's basement as a child. Those scars are plainly visible today. A later homicide done to me in 1981 when I was a young adult. Later marital and degree frauds that involve SUNY Buffalo. And the list goes on.

How is it possible that Doug Golde can assist in any effort at product quality, reliable or safe engineering, or in fact do any of this work or have his employers and peers associated with this wrong doing? Absurd? You need a stronger term.

This is laughable and pathetic to begin with. I'd NEVER do business with these people or have my children or spouse near them or this culture of child rape and hate that seems to prevail with these felons.

Certainly you'd think that the local ASQ as well as ANSI would know better and have better choices as to who to enlist to guide them. This would discredit ANSI, ASQ, Fisher Price and their parent company Mattel Toys in total.

Where is the justice for me and these other dead children?

Where is the justice FOR YOU? For their son? This is INCREDIBLE ! ! !

Doug Golde @ Fisher Price Toys

+1 716-687‐3607 douglas.golde@fisher‐

Here Doug Golde actually contributes to a lithium battery standard with his employer and ANSI. How safe!


A newsletter from May of 2011 for Doug's local ASQ chapter.


Tom and Susan Palisano Susan Palisano

I've made a few requests over the last year to a friend in High School, Thomas Palisano and to this maintainer of a newsprint archive for copies of that Summer 1981 Lockport Union Sun and Journal article with their published hoax relating to this knife attack. To date I've not received one word back and I am betting that Tom knew of this as did Doug Golde since they both were with me that evening before I was attacked. I am also betting that there are problems in the High School that was ongoing to protect my parents long before 1981 came around. Tom's dad (Also Thomas Palisano) was principal of the Wilson High School and knew of my parents and their abuse of me of course.

Tom and his Wife Susan Hyman work for Middlesex Hospital, so they must be too busy murdering kids who are not their friends to talk to older kids who used to be friends in the want to get better via seeing the truth of who had cut them up last. Sue made some comment how "They are going to baptize me" before they moved away from Buffalo NY and I found it odd and presumptuous that she'd make such a statement. Fix their crimes by hogwashing it with their bad faith I guess was their answer for it. Does not work for me.

Thomas G. Palisano Jr.
23 Millstone Drive
Marlborough, CT 06447 As of 06/2012
181 Route 87 Columbia, CT 06237 (860) 228-1572 Before 06/2012

I am not sure why Tom would not respond since he kept 7 copies of that front page article, and there'd be no reason he'd not just say yes I have it or no I don't or just make a copy and send it. Why all the bother?

At one point as I now recall Tom and Doug Golde argued when we lived at 810 Amherst Street in Buffalo NY. Not sure what started it but Tom explained to Doug how he wanted "out", as he put it. I had no idea what the context of the problem or discussion was and it went on. Doug explained to Tom that everything is fine and spoke to some reward at the end of it all etc. Tom was exasperated and almost vehement and snapped at Doug, out of character for Tom who was visibly upset and shaken(ing) and said "YOU ARE NOT A MARTYR DAMN IT!" and it went on. Tom iterated how he is tired of looking over his shoulder, said we don't know if this guy is telling the truth (Meaning me about 1981 knife attack since I said I don't recall it) and he said he does not want to wake up dead, this is serious....

Then he said look at what I have out front here, and we don't know that this is going to work or what this person is capable of.

I had my Honda VF1100S/V65 Sabre parked out front.
Where the hate crime began in 1981. Wilson Boat House Restaurant in Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Owner & managers Floyd (Red) Clark, Jim Oliphant, and Jack Terry conspired:

The point again is that I caught Tom tampering with a drink behind the bar before I was served and assumed he was being honest with me when he said he is cleaning something with the other glass.

This was planned all along.

That and the owner and proprietor of the Wilson Boathouse Restaurant are involved along with others in Wilson and Niagara Counties and NY State.

The Police are involved in doing this as well as the child harms.

With that, I'd never trust these people with food or drink or do business with them ever:

The forecast calls for pain.

Floyd Red Clark Obituary

At the time Floyd "Red" Clark owned the Boat House Restaurant:

Susan Palisano
Director, Education And Workforce Development

+1 (860) 282 - 4224

Susan Palisano has served as Director of Education & Workforce Development since 2005. Ms. Palisano has over 23 years of experience in both public and private sector information technology and education, and has an extensive background in best practices and policy, teacher professional development and adult learning, curriculum, and grant proposal development and project administration. At CCAT, she heads a unit that implements innovative programs and initiatives to develop and support today and tomorrow’s skilled, educated and vital STEM workforce.

Before coming to CCAT, Ms. Palisano held several educational leadership positions, including Director of Instructional Technology for Hamden (CT) Public Schools. While in-district, Ms. Palisano worked directly with teachers and students to provide strategies, vision, and direction for the successful use of technology as an instructional tool; developed a context-based K-12 curriculum, and introduced inquiry-based and real-world simulation math and science initiatives.
Jim Oliphant the manager of the Wilson Boat House Restaurant along with their reception aid Jack Terry commented "This kid is dead" and Oliphant said "Yeah, we are doing this tonight...."

Once I was revived in the hospital that evening by a female doctor who made the point of telling me, you were dead, I drive a fast car and had to come from a long way away, these people (Meaning local doctors like Dr. Argue and the Police) were going to leave you here to die and then blame the hospital. You were DOA and I don't wake people up to put them back to sleep. She said I am going to fix this sleep well and put me under sedation.

I woke the next morning (I assume) to talk to Dr. Argue who offered the inappropriate dialog I've written here earlier. This smacks of the same template of behavior that was done when I was drowned in Lake Ontario as a child....

This (severing the Ulnar) flashed back in early 2004 and that could have also been fatal to me.

57 Harbor Street Wilson NY 14172

I located an article in a banking publication authored by Thomas Gabriel Palisano's wife Susan Palisano (Nee Hyman). They met while working in downtown Buffalo NY at Barrister Information Systems on Oak Street if I recall, prior to 1990.

The gist of this looks to be some form of self-supporting, self-aggrandizing, largely rhetorical bit of nonsense about how you support murdering your children and then you hoping to profit from it and make it look pollyanna and happy.

There is no basis in fact for this set of works and they largely look to be another financial fraud and forms of hush money image enhancement or reputation repair. Both Susan and her spouse Tom conspired in this set of murders.

A form of anti-witness and anti-blame.


Mike And Patricia Scheuneman Mike And Patricia Scheuneman

Mike Scheuneman is another "friend" who lied to me about the violent harm caused me and made a number of ongoing jokes behind my back about it. Mike and I went to Wilson HS along with Doug Golde and Tom Palisano who also conspired in the hate crimes in 1981 and later.

Mike and Trish live at: 1317 Cambridge Ave, North Tonawanda, NY, 14120 USA

Mike replied "Shh! Don't tell him!!!!" When he and I visited Doug and Roxanne Golde's home at 415 Englewood Avenue in Buffalo and Doug mentioned that my car accident in 1981 did not happen. Mike quickly hushed him up. Too late, another accident with a knife it seems.

"Atta Boy Luther." Odd cracks and jokes about the "accident" at the Lutheran Church. I guess boyhood blowjobs over at the Helpee Selfee Baptist Church of Kid Porn are funny now too. This was one of Mike's favorites. Him being clever.

"This is all your fault. " How so? A reply made on the phone to me as I sat bleeding into my brain in a Rochester NY area hotel summer of 2004 after Heike delivers a lethal bolus of poison to end her marital fraud with me. His claim I needed to take a pill not to be violently harmed or for some other reason since he is a doctor now? Hard to know.

"We support you." How so? By holding up the knife in my back? From a greeting card sent to me in Spencerport NY from Mike and Trish in late 2003.

With friends like these you won't need enemies.

Other odd comments Mike made had to do with "Synchronized Swimming". Looks like a stalking harbinger for he and his associates.

Well, if told me you were drowning
I would not lend a hand
I've seen your face before my friend
But I don't know if you know who I am
Well, I was there and I saw what you did
I saw it with my own two eyes
So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you've been
It's all been a pack of lies

Mike and Trish on Facebook -

Trish's mom Vivian -

Mike's sister Melissa, I can't find his other sister Michelle, they are both adopted -

Here is Michelle Scheuneman now Walsh -

It is looking now like they pandered Melissa to me when she was about 14 at their home in Sanborn NY. At the time I was visiting Mike and he stepped out of the room for a minute or two and his sister Melissa came running in and sat next to me. Commentary of hers indicated she somehow knew something that only my girlfriends would know and it would be impossible for her or Mike to know what she said about me. Mike ended up observing the whole thing and I discovered that she had no underwear on for this event. I am assuming this was a trap for me in the hopes of accusing me of Statutory Rape had I accepted her advances.

This theme repeats through all of this and speaks to the child harm of me. It is a defensive blame the victim solution.

Mary Leising now married to Chris Paul, formerly married to Duncan Ross, friends of Mike -

Ryan and his wife Tiffany. Ryan is Trish's son. Trish's daughter Katie I have not located here as of yet -

Melissa A Norman 1877 E Mineral Rd Gilbert, AZ 85234-8215

Phone numbers -
480-558-1659 CenturyLink Landline
480-629-5842 Coxcom Landline

I had a similar event happen with Mike Scheuneman that went on with Tom Palisano Jr. and Doug Golde Jr. Mike and I had just seen a Morrisey concert in Ontario Canada with a friend of his Rick Cheniere and I was told Rick is a Private Investigator. We rode up in Rick's car and were on the way back and just about to cross the bridge into the USA.

Again the conversation was turned to be about me without me knowing it and proceeded in a vague fashion such that I remained largely in the dark on it. Rick commented to Mike to warn him and basically say you are on the wrong side of this, Mike largely thought it was funny and the fact I was being lied to and misled made the joke for Mike that much more clever. I don't know that Mike knew this would lead to homicide, I assume Doug Golde Jr did since it was discussed more than once and he said as much first time we met essentially.

Rick told Mike don't mess with this guy and don't think you are going to do this yourself. The plans as were alluded to in front of me say with KMBIII and Doug Golde Jr essentially said I'd have an accident. That was at 254 Minnesota Avenue in Buffalo and Doug warned Ken this won't be as easy as you think. And this was Rick's way of warning Mike that he is on the wrong side of this and it won't go his way despite what ANYONE may have told him. Rick said I've talked to my people and there are some things you don't know and this is far worse than you know. Point being Rick said it won't matter since you are on the wrong side of it and this guy thinks you are his friend. Rick went on to say this will effect YOU personally no matter what happens now since you are involved the wrong way. This was one of the few times that Mike was speechless, not knowing what to say. Again I had no idea this was about me.

Rick Cheniere lived on Sharon Drive in Lockport NY 14094 USA.

Mike didn't miss it, he just didn't see it.

The other thing that comes to mind is that Trish used to work in the adult industry as a nude dancer and I saw her once before she married Mike at a Strip Club called Mints in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. I was there with someone from work, Bob Cloud (He is Native American - Bob Proudfoot), from the Delaware River Port Authority. Bob asked me about her to see that I might have some kind of stigma towards her and I said why would I? I'd be a hypocrite to say that since I come here to see her. I pointed out I'd marry her given the fact we'd know each other etc. I'd prefer she not do this work if so and if that happened. Bob agreed, said this makes sense, and then said "You will see her again."

I assume this marriage was planned.

Kenneth Morris Banks 3 Kenneth Morris Banks 3 John and Nathan Banks Julie Huard Banks

Doug Golde, one of my "friends" who led me to be attacked, later lived with his wife to be Roxanne Ayers and she shared an apartment at Losson Gardens in Cheektowaga NY with a girl from Maine, Lenea Ford. Ms. Ford was the next door neighbor of former President George Bush Sr in Kennebunkport, ME and Ford visited them all the time, they are close friends.

The connection became more obvious when I learned the knife wounds are knife wounds and not accidental, that Doug is involved, and that Bush was reputed to have a plan for a eugenics program. This fits with the other shill in lieu of friend Kenneth Morris Banks III and his odd commentary to me made earlier and following 1981.

Ken showed up to live with us in the Spring of 1983 when we rented the upper flat at 254 Minnesota Ave Buffalo NY from the Calandra brothers Mike and Mario.

Your friendly mixologist Tom Palisano Jr made that deal for us and solicited for housemates in the UB Student Union and that netted us KMBIII.

Shall not reproduce (Eugenics).

Walks with a limp. (Gait disturbance).

Take away your birthday. Take away your six.

Dirt nap.

Give you a Clinton.

She has great arthritic hands. A predictor of Heike and joke gesticulating about a woman with large breasts.

Raw singe, said while holding photo of Hindu warrior on a horse holding rapier with name tag Rah Singh. Nonsequitur and odd behavior since he'd have no reason to have this photo or show it to me.

Spontaneous combustion, about people who burst into flame.

Hat trick.

Three lock box.

Don't hurt yourself or anyone else.

Post natal abortion.

Mock the nation and the nation mocks you. National Lampoon reference.
Suicide doors, Lincoln Continental - Assassination references.

This was typical behavior for these people who dropped hints as to future harm. This tells me that Ken like my other friends including Eve Rothman, were shills. He was coached as to what to do and say and likely was compensated for doing this and being involved in my life.

Ken and Julie purchased this home with Ken's mom Cheryl Whiteman Banks at 2214 Alger Rd Lakewood, OH 44107 (216) 961-6991

Ken also commented during one of the first few months of us meeting, circa spring 1983 that I was a “persona non grata” and I was only vaguely aware of the term. I certainly was too young to be considered an enemy of the State and did not consider I would be or why. I was going to be treated as such and he'd be part of those doing just that.

So the concepts apply although this would not be denigrating of my character and I am the victim of State crimes including child harms, and I had no obligations to the State of USA in a diplomatic capacity. I am a victim not an employee of the US Department of State.

This would then relate to the immunity caused to me based on the violent felonies and atrocities the State committed to my person.

And how I was treated like a leper in my own home and town of Wilson NY

KMB3's Father Kenneth Morris Banks II

[Kenneth Morris Banks November 17, 1937 - August 09, 2017

Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Morris Banks, Jr., was delivered to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on August 9, 2017. He was born on November 17, 1937. Ken's love of Mack Trucks, Buffalo Bills Football/Buffalo Sabres Hockey, and being a volunteer fireman were evident is his daily routine of life.

Ken is survived by Kenneth M. Banks III of Lakewood, OH and John E. Banks of Moore, OK. Also, Ken had four grandchildren, Francesca Lendsey Banks, 25, of Oklahoma City, OK, Alyssa Michelle Banks, 21, of Oklahoma City, OK, Nathaniel Banks, of Lakewood, OH and Katie Banks, of Lakewood, OH. Ken is also survived by brothers, Bradford Banks, of Clarence, NY and Barre Banks, of Tonawanda, NY.

There will be a Celebration of Life service to be held on November 18, 2017. Published on September 12, 2017]

Here Ken's father, Kenneth Morris Banks II has passed away. Note how his son KMB3 is involved as a shill, interloping in my life with Doug Golde and other hate mongers who did child rape and murders to me and others. How can either of them do this and claim to be friends, and be involved with local fire fighters and to serve the public?

These people misled me about the harms done to me in the past and acted to harm me themselves. They said not one thing about something being wrong, nor did anyone else and this went on for them from 1983 to today being end of 2017.

Dr. Laurence E Fried PhD Dr. Laurence E Fried PhD

Located a news article where a former High School friend of mine was married. Dr. Laurence Fried and his new wife Sheri Southworth are shown here in the article I was able to find about them. Not sure why they wore gloves, maybe they had a friend to murder as part of the ceremony. Hard to say.

Dr. Laurence E. Fried PhD now works at LLNL. Since his mother worked at the hospital where I was admitted in summer 1981 as the head nurse, I have to blame them for this also. Larry's wife Sheri L. Southworth commented when I visited them in Livermore CA at their home at 1386 Kathy Court how I was not to get my hopes up since she "Burned" the garlic bread and asked Larry later to show me where the laundry is. Meaning basically Helpee Selfee. They were very callous to the harm caused me and for those who would be friends. This is also looking like a form of non compete arrangement where you have families attack other kids to help their kids get ahead. As is done in the Texas Cheerleader case and with the skaters etc.

You can use this online tool to locate scans of our local papers:

Here is the link to the PDF file for that page of the paper with their wedding information.

I did the search using a boolean -- "laurence" and "fried' and "southworth"

Ariane Jewitt Banks Hamburg NY High School Class Of 1984 Ariane Jewitt Banks Hamburg NY Ariane Jewitt Banks Hamburg NY

Ariane Jewitt - Formerly married to Kenneth Morris Banks III with her brother AJ (Not Ajay Shekhawat of SUNY Buffalo CEDAR) but Allen E Jewitt Jr formerly an MP with US DOD and now a US Marshal, sisters April and Judy. AJ knew of this problem when we first met a while back at their home at 4011 Monroe Avenue Hamburg NY 14075 USA sold on 10/1996 for $20,000.00. Ariane is in the yellow Cheerios shirt and in the photo below in blue on the far right.

Dr. Ajay Shekhawat PhD formerly of SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR now at Google was at Yahoo:

Ariane's brother Allen E Jewitt on Facebook:

Ariane Jewitt Banks on Facebook:

Sister Aileen:

April Jewitt: ?

The amount is too much and too little and is exactly the down payment we made on our home in 08/1995 at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 USA where I paid $10,000.00 and Heike paid $10,000.00 she CLAIMED was from her father. SHE LIED. And put this on a credit card as cash advances later I HAD TO PAY.... @ 30% APR. This is felony theft instance #1. There are more.

Where did that pearl come from. I worked at Okies Pharmacy in Wilson New York 14172 USA with a woman named Swan who's husband Earl was called Earl the Pearl.

Like the watch I purchased in Germany in Murrhardt a "Tissot" the person who sold it to me knew and made some comment about being in a hospital knowing what time it is.

Spell that backwards and you get Toss It. Your Seiko is now Okies.

I washed up on the shore as a child. I am the pearl.

This does not help since this is my vanity and is akin to getting between two warring parents.

People acted upon this calling it "Satanic Verses" in this "Rock Cult" being the child raping Jesus freak looney tunes they are.

Ignorant violent reprobates with paranoid God complexes and egomaniacal dysfunctions.

Joyce S Jewitt is Ariane's mother and looks to own their home still. Ariane confided in me once they are Jehovah's Witnesses being Jesuits.


Erie County S-B-L 183.09-1-9:

Problem is I've known Ken and Ariane since the mid 1980's or late 80's and they have been in that home, Ariane and family that is, since then. The father later dies and that may have been in 1996.

The names are wrong.

Real Property Information

Owner KINNEY RBT JR & W Book-Page/Date 8425-251 * 8/23/1976 *
Owner JEWITT JOYCE S Book-Page/Date 10907-6363 * 10/8/1996 *


Hamburg High School Class of 84
Hamburg, NY 14075 USA

This person is a neighbor of mine when I lived with Heike in Pendleton NY just to the south of us.

Rod's TV
Rodney Stellrecht
6184 Campbell Boulevard
Lockport, NY 14094 - View Map
Phone: (716) 625-6988

Also doing business as:


Mc Kenny Services Center
6184 Campbell Blvd
Lockport, New York 14094-9283

The names seem odd. Dr. Krackow did Heike's knee replacement surgery when we first met and purchased the home in late 1995.

Too much on this wounded knee thing, Battle of Wounded Knee, Remember The Alamo Rent A Car. Doug Golde back after 1981 admitted they will have a rent a car problem later.

When I was a child another of my father's stunts was to sabotage a bike and make me ride it and the front wheel came off intentionally. I ditched on concrete road surfaces and scraped up my face and sheared off my right knee cap. The whole fleshy cap hang off and dangled by a thread of flesh but was too heavy. So it tore loose and fell to the ground. We had to go back and get it covered in stones and slapped it back on there. You could see bone in there, my father found it all too pleasing and funny.

This is where you are at.