How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Weapons Of 4 Wheeled Mayhem.

-- Cars That Have Succeeded In Murdering Me --

Weapons Of 4 Wheeled Mayhem. Used to prove that there is something wrong with my driving and not theirs.

An interesting pattern(s) develops....

Doug Golde's Ford F350 Camper Special Wilson-Burt And Beebe Roads Wilson NY 14172 USA

The vanity of this even seems to be repeated in traffic stops done to me later and with the vanity of the 1981 vivisection and murder these people did to me with the Lutheran Church in Wilson NY.

I was driving my green 1970 AMC Hornet and Doug Golde Jr and his brother Tom Golde as a passenger were driving their father's Ford F350 pickup truck. We were heading north with Doug and Tom behind me in the truck on the icy and snow covered roads. Snow drifts and that from the roads being plowed left intersections, and sides of the road, as in the one we approached, with snow banks being as deep as 8 feet or more. Like driving in a tunnel in fact. Point is you had no visibility over the snow banks at the intersections since the snow was too high even for Doug in the truck. Especially at this one where we have to stop at Wilson Burt Road. David Smith and his father and brother Dan Smith lived in the brick home on the north side of that intersection at Beebe and Wilson Burt Roads. The home was off to the left with a barn and garage directly in front of us.

So Doug came racing up behind me (Relates to the murder effort with me on the CBR1000F in the rain later) as though he was going to run into me. He then decided he was going to pass and I was just making the decision to slow for the stop ahead. Doug came by me at 80+ mph way too late into the intersection. I said shit, you no longer have time to stop that truck and I made a bunch of nonsense just to get my car stopped on the icy roads. I watched as Doug ran the truck full throttle past me, decided he could not stop, decided he is going to bleed the speed off by crashing into the LEFT snow bank to stop the truck. I see snow like a new blizzard all over the place and in the air around me now as I stop and then nose into the intersection with my car fully expecting to see that truck punched into the Smith home on the left.

It took fully 30 seconds as I sat there for the snow to settle and I see no sign of the truck, the home and snow banks are intact up there, and now I look left and I see Doug tooting down Wilson Burt Road heading West about 1/2 mile to the left of me like nothing happened.

I had ZERO visibility for 30 seconds from his mess and had to sit there to see just to move forward. So I went that way also, I could have gone up north by taking the right turn and heading up to RT18 on North Beebe Road but I decided I would follow them home to 520 Lake Street Wilson NY 14172 USA to make sure they are ok.

I stopped in with them as they went home and we talked in the driveway and Doug confided in me he goofed that up and was totally out of control. He had to take his hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals and just winged it into the snow at 80+mph and lucked out when it turned the truck sideways and put him going west on Wilson Burt Road. Tom his brother joked to me as I said that must have been fun and with that he said "I shit myself". And I joked about it saying I bet since I thought he was being sarcastic and he nervously jokes NO, I really did so I have to change my clothes.

And he left to do that. I said ok looks fine so I am going home.

They repeated the vanity on the 1981 attack with Doug asking me to visit him at his parents home on Lake Street. They relate or repeat.

This just got more sinister since you and Doug brought a knife to a gun fight.

This was done to harm me and Doug wanted to get me to jam up and wreck out up front and he hoped to shove me down the road in the truck to do just that. Problem is I am lighter, have better tires and brakes, am a better driver, and know the roads and have right of way. Doug has more power, but can't stop now, he wanted to run me late into the intersection but realized this sinks him. Given the history this was his intent and this of course repeats in 1981 with the knife attack in the Ambulance.

Again he got what he wanted, ran me faster and I started to warn him back but he ran me faster too late up to the stop. Then he bailed out and passed. I was just about to come to the left and dump the brakes to let him past on the right. He was too close on my back bumper. This was repeated in 1981 and with IRS, NY State Police, Niagara County Sheriff, and others including the nonsense with deer and semi trucks on I-90, I-190 and I-71 etc.

Here is where Doug Golde Jr and his brother Tom Golde ran past the stop sign in the winter of 1977 in their father's Ford F350 Camper Special truck. A photo of that is here also and theirs was green on green two tone. This one has white.

Beebe Road and Wilson Burt Road in Wilson NY 14172 USA:

Problem again is that Police and others are manipulating the vanity of these problems in order to protect Doug and others involved in doing this.

You need to accept the fact you, the Police, State, and Goldes and my parents et al are wrong and act on that.

For instance Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Schuey made a bogus traffic stop on me in 2004 in Newfane NY on RT18 when he menaced me from behind in his marked NCSD Police vehicle while I was in a rented Crown Victoria heading west back into that area from Rochester NY.

Again this is his fault since he broke his neck to get that far east in Niagara County to meet me, he was there JUST FOR ME and to do this. No reason for it.

Again you have no probable cause since you know you are at fault for that and the prior felonies you and others did to me.

Why break your neck to drive that Ford Expedition in winter weather to jump in front of your own bullet? I am not going to pay them a cent and they knew this. They are to blame.

And keep in mind you have a dead guy driving that Crown Victoria, these people did a murder on me AGAIN...

The vanity of this relates to the later 1981 knife/vivisection attack.

The want to say Terry will go a different way home and beat you.

Doug went the wrong way and crashed into home/church. To the left and not the right.

We were instructed to put on good clothes, me wearing thin and dress slacks and shirt making me freezing cold in this process.

No reason for the actions. A non event.

Driving under the influence of clothes.

Peer pressure. etc.

It all relates.

This is the same problem with the want to use shills and interlope.

As in the wedding etc, all of these situations are born of some form of duress and adverse influence.

Where on my part they ended as being neutral or seemingly good choices.

These people knew it was not. Stab a friend in the back, etc.

As in the Grand Island Bridge crashes in Grand Island NY on I-190 in winter.

Toll collectors told drivers to proceed knowing it was not safe to do so.

They knew what was over the hill on the ice covered roadway on the bridges and led drivers to it.

Same problems, same paradigms, same blame the victim bad outcomes.

State is to blame.

Ambulance Similar To The One Used To Vivisect Me

Those helpful felons and pedophiles in local government and the police, volunteer firemen too....

The Pseudo Medics, doing Emergency Mystery Surgery....

Not sure where this is from but I was harmed in Wilson NY's and that would be similar to this Ambulance in this photo.

White 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

White 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Runs into the back of my 1987 Chevy S10 in the winter. Intentionally. His NY Tag HGB 113.

I have more.... Spitooey on yooey.

Borden Road Near LeMans Drive:

I was driving my 1987 Chevrolet S-10 4x4.

Cheektowaga/Depew NY.

Brought another "female victim" with you.

Done intentionally based on proximity to LeMans drive (About 1981 hate crime) and the color white.

1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

1987 Monte Carlo SS.

Have a black and tan on me, you're buying....

Your vanity stinks on this one too. You should have taken your gift and left, now you will pay for it.

Limo tint is illegal in NY State.

General Motors is likely involved in these vehicular assaults and played upon the vanity of their other favorite sport NASCAR.

You can trust your car to the man who made your scar....

The Big 3.

Once again, the joke is on you.

The Race CAR D.


Milo Minderbinder

Dee Zee Compression

1981 1991 2001

You integrated your sporting activities into your felonies you did to me. This is one more exemplar of that.

You Americans are a nation of pedophiles with murder as an excuse and exit strategy, and via that you mock every institution you don't provide by it all.

Poor sports and sore losers. Cowards as well.

You've got blackmail:

The intersection has been changed to protect the guilty.

Major Postal Center is on William Street in Buffalo. Next nearest center is likely in Rochester.

The hospital that conspired in the 1981 hate crime is on William Street in Newfane NY 14108.

Get the connection(s)?

Caught you playing Opossum again.

Murder is still murder even when you offer motive for doing it.

"Semiconductor materials are useful because their behavior can be easily manipulated by the addition of impurities, known as doping."

You blinded you with science.

This was in fall of 1991.

William street is where the Buffalo USPS PDC is and where the Newfane Hospital is in Newfane NY.

This person directed this at me and Kenneth Morris Banks III conspired.

He had knowledge and knew I'd be there that night and which way I went home and where I lived.

The Big "3" -

Fred Kunderman - DZ Compression - CEDAR/Srihari SUNY Buffalo

George Jowdy

Randy Bogdan Alpha III

Amherst NY Police Ford Crown Victoria

APD Crown Victoria -- Hit And Run Felon.

To that, the wife and other shills conspired in efforts to cause harm, acted with the police to fine me for moving violations, and cover for other police crime including having a female Amherst Police officer back her marked APD Crown Victoria into the side of my parked 1987 Chevy S10 Pickup truck NY tag CL8036 outside Heike and my duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive Right Amherst NY 14228.

Heike came home later and duplicated the behavior (using her red 1991 Mazda Protege NY plate F7C 603) of the APD officer to cover for her, I witnessed BOTH events and saw the damage was caused by the APD Crown Victoria. This is felony hit and run.

No lights, no hurry, she backed out like some old lady, pushed the truck up on 2 wheels, hence SUNY Buffalo CEDAR's David Bartnik's comment "Joey Chitwood". She saw she had backed into the truck then hunkered down as if to say, oh damn I hope nobody saw me there.... I stood in the front window of our duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive and saw the whole thing. The truck was pristine before she hit it.

You are going to pay for this.

Everything the Judiciary and Enforcement, Police and Judges, did here is a fraud. This is done to obstruct.

1973 Tan Dodge Coronet 4 Door 1973 Tan Dodge Coronet 4 Door

Doug Golde took advantage of this odd rain event summer of 1992 in Buffalo NY and attempted to run me down as he followed me in the rain as I rode the new CBR1000F back to Imperial Cycle on Broadway in Cheektowaga NY for the first valve adjustment. They are guilty. Doug attempted to gun me down with the car, his grandmother's Tan 1973? Dodge Coronet, and I had to lunge ahead of him by snapping the throttle of the bike. I was in a lower gear at high revs to keep the engine hot and dry in the monsoon like rains.

White Lexus ES300

Lexus ES300 PA State Trooper Hampton Inn Greece NY 2004. I was walking.

Stay tuned for West Side Story.

Hampton Inn Greece NY West Exit circa April/May 2004:

I was walking.

Now he is.

National Lampoon September 1973

As designed and in retrospect, this was too much opportunity, thanks to my employers, friends, and family to put me on the road between here and there in an effort to allow predation by Police State America to pander on this problem. All for no reason since I don't live there, I don't work there, this is not my family and these people are not friends, and the Police are not Police.

Lots of opportunity for them to fail..... So, cheers losers.

Have some pie. Keep your senses of humor, your driving lesson is over, you failed, and the penalty is death. HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humble pie, 30 days in the hole.... We are not alone. Where are you now? ;) Bring your shovel now Boy!

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

You fell asleep on the Information Super-Highway and got run over.

You fucked the dog.

You brought a knife to a gunfight.

You Zigged when you should have Zagged.

You outsmarted yourselves.

You smoked a knife.

You bought the farm.

You shot Bambi.

You snoozed you loozed.

You shot the Sheriff.

You pissed in the pool.

I fought the law and I won. Drinking beer in the hot Sun.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Did you hear about the midnight rambler
He'll leave his footprints up and down your hall
And did you hear about the midnight gambler
And did you see me make my midnight call
And if you ever catch the midnight rambler
I'll steal your mistress from under your nose
I'll go easy with your cold fanged anger
I'll stick my knife right down your throat, baby
And it hurts!

Cabbage Patch Kids Garbage Pail Kids Potty Scotty Garbage Pail Kids Kool Aiden

The Police in USA seem to think they can rely on a Statute Of Limitations to protect their partners in crime guilty of murder for victims such as myself who've had medical interventions to revive us.

USA law is plain. No statute on murder. They will prosecute at any time later despite when the crime was done. Unlike most all other felonies, child harms can get you there also.

They largely prove they are guilty of the crimes, capable of them including the child rapes and atrocity, and that they are willing to resort to murder and blame of others to defend and protect those guilty of the crimes.

They also prove they don't know the law at all and the obvious problem is that they might as well bring along their own DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order since when I see them dead, dying, injured, or in trouble their view is don't bother to interveve or assist to restore their body and life since this is not possible.

Being guilty of murder means they'd be shot on sight.

So since the word does exist, there are more than one all meaning same thing, revive, resuscitate, etc. Then it means that those who do medicine and craft terms as this are wrong.

Beyond that since USA Police are now medical and legal experts as well, they treat all victims as myself as a form or fugue of an iron lung, inflatable child sex toy doll, and a life support device. Where toying with us is all my father and his child raping Police friends needed to stay alive, feel in control of the whole matter, and to enable the frauds moving forward. More Junk In Da Trunk......

GoodE Luck.

You are all set.