How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

How NY State et al engaged in a campaign of character assassination, quackery, murder, mayhem, brainwashing, prostitution, theft, libel, slander, and more.

The Creampuff Agogo The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Some scenes from the FX television series "Archer". As my friends and others look to admit/agree with me upon, it appears to be about me and/or us.

Seamus McGoon Of Archer Fame With Tattoo Seamus McGoon Of Archer Fame Plays With Straight Razor

"Chow Hound" -- An unfortunate bully of a dog gets his just desserts.

Gumby - "Grub Grabber Gumby" 1968 -- With Pokey as Mister Stuff.

Foghorn Leghorn Paddles Dog Animated GIF Terry Allen Jones Terry Allen Jones Paper Boy Terry Allen Jones Chow Hound An Unfortunante Bully Of A Dog Gets His Just Desserts

Watching the Detectives -- Elvis Costello
Produced by Nick Lowe
Album -- My Aim Is True
Release Date October 14, 1977

[Verse 1]
Nice girls, not one with a defect
Cellophane shrink-wrapped, so correct
Red dogs under illegal legs
She looks so good that he gets down and begs

She is watching the detectives
Ooh, he's so cute
She is watching the detectives
When they shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot
They beat him up until the teardrops start
But he can't be wounded 'cause he's got no heart

[Verse 2]
--Long shot at that jumping sign--
Invisible shivers running down my spine
Cut to baby taking off her clothes
--Close-up of the sign that says, 'We never close'--
He snatched at you and you match his cigarette
She pulls the eyes out with a face like a magnet
I don't know how much more of this I can take
She's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake......

Welcome Home Sir!

Street Fighter X Tekken Poison Final Fight By Jane The Seven Ups Thanks I Needed That